Accompanying Guest Program

View of Killarney and OSA Lakes from "The Crack", Killarney Provincial Park

Accompanying Guest Program

Depending on weather and interest, the following activities are planned for accompanying guests. Transportation costs will be nominal. Entrance/rental fees and lunches in restaurants will not be included.

Ramsey Lake Waterfront (winner of a 1992 International Excellence on the Waterfront award) separates downtown Sudbury from Laurentian University. Options include a visit to the Sudbury Art Gallery (~1 hr), a walk along the waterfront through Bell Park and along the Bell Park Pathway (~45 mins), a visit to the multiple award-winning Science North museum (~1-2 hrs) and 3D Imax theatre complex (~45 mins), and possibly a tour of Ramsey Lake on a 70-passenger Cruise Boat (~1 hr). Minimum: 2, Maximum 10.

Killarney Provincial Park is ~1.5 hrs southwest of Sudbury and contains numerous crystal-clear (deep blue on clear days) lakes set amongst white quartzite ridges and glacially-sculpted pink granites and syenites. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful parks in Canada and was the subject of several paintings by the Group of Seven Canadian landscape artists in the 1920s. There are several options for hikes ranging from short (1 hour) and easy (requiring only sturdy walking shoes) to long (3-4 hours) and moderate-strenuous (requiring sturdy hiking boots), but none will be technically difficult. There may also be time for a refreshing dip in Killarney Lake (cool) or Georgian Bay (very cool). The hike will be followed by late-afternoon fish and chips in the waterfront village of Killarney. Minimum: 2, Maximum 10.

AY Jackson Lookout: Hiking and lunch (brown bag) at AY Jackson Lookout in Onaping Falls, 45 km WNW of Sudbury on the rugged North Range of the Sudbury Basin. The 50 m water cascade facing the lookout is the site of the painting “Spring on the Onaping River” by Jackson, who was a member of the Group of Seven. There are several hiking trails of various lengths, an information center, and a self-guided geological tour through a collection of very large samples of Sudbury rocks and ores. Minimum: 2, Maximum 10.

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area: There are many hiking trails in the 950-hectare Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, which surrounds Laurentian University and extends around the south of Lake Ramsey, ranging from short to long, and flat to rugged. Minimum: 2, Maximum 10.

Dynamic Earth: Science North’s sister attraction contains an underground mine, a wide range of Earth Science exhibits, a giant high-definition movie theatre, and – a must-see for anyone visiting Sudbury – the 9 m diameter “Big Nickel” (listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest coin). A public mineral identification event will be held here during the conference, where mineral kits put together by MAC will be distributed. Minimum: 2, Maximum 10.

Self-Led Options

Kayaking on Ramsey Lake: The 8 km2 Ramsey Lake is the second largest lake in the world located entirely within the boundaries of a single city (the largest is Lake Wanapitei, which fills an 8.4 km diameter, 37 million-year-old meteorite crater near the Sudbury Airport). The northwestern end borders Bell Park, the southeastern and northeastern parts are bordered by homes and much of the rest is undeveloped. Kayaks can be rented from the Northern Watersports Centre.

Other activities in Sudbury are listed on Trip Advisor, some of which could be led if desired.

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