UPDATE: CFP Reopens for Posters

We are excited to announce that we are reopening the Call for Proposals for POSTERS. The priority deadline for poster proposal submissions is June 16. If you missed our previous deadlines, this is a great way to still present at #IILFHawaii.

We invite our Indigenous colleagues to submit proposals for papers related to this year's Forum theme, Ea: Indigenous Agency and Abundance.

Important Deadlines

*Extended* Deadline for Paper Proposal Submissions: March 15, 2023 *March 31, 2023*

Notification of Acceptance of Paper Proposals: May 15, 2023

*Reopened* Priority Deadline for Poster Proposal Submissions: June 16, 2023

*Reopened* Regular Deadline for Poster Proposal Submissions: September 1, 2023

Deadline for Publication-Ready Paper Submissions: November 15, 2023

Ea: Indigenous Agency and Abundance

The theme for IILF 2023 is grounded in Ea which means, among many other meanings, sovereignty, independence, life, air, breath, and to rise up. Ea as our Forum theme challenges us to think about how we, as Indigenous information professionals, are breathing life into our institutions to advance Indigenous independence and sovereignty within our communities. How are we rising up? How are we lifting up our communities and their fight for ea?

Subtheme: Kuleana

What does accountability look like in libraries/archives? How do we hold our libraries/archives accountable to Indigenous peoples? How do we sustain our kuleana in the work we do for our communities? What does it mean to work with a community?

Subtheme: Kuleana

Subtheme: Hoʻihoʻi Ea

How are libraries/archives contributing to the ea/liberation of Indigenous people? How do we reclaim traditional ways of knowing and doing within our institutions? How do we sustain our ea as information professionals in the work we do?

Subtheme: Hoʻihoʻi Ea

Subtheme: Piko

What are the best practices to create, support, and normalize Indigenous protocols in libraries/archives? How do we make Indigenous protocols and broadly 'Indigenizing' libraries the center of strategic plans and resource planning for our 'new normal'?

Subtheme: Piko

Subtheme: Pilina

What can we learn from each other, through sharing and listening to our unique experiences and expertise? How can we build deep relationships with each other and our communities? How can this time be a healing experience that reaffirms our kuleana as Indigenous information professionals?

Subtheme: Pilina

Possible Topics

  • Creation of Indigenous professional organizations, how to sustain them, how they can work together to partner and accomplish bigger goals.
  • Pathways of employment for students and professionals in information institutions and non-traditional “outside the box” roles that lead towards supportive, positive, and sustainable employment experiences.
  • Creation of Indigenous protocols for libraries and librarianship, and strategies to resource and normalize them in information practices and institutions.
  • Use of Indigenous methodologies, epistemologies, and ways of doing to “reimagine” institutions, collections, partnering, and programing.
  • Respectful digitization of Indigenous knowledge in digital libraries and platforms that can accommodate differing levels of access.

Submission Guidelines

Our Indigenous colleagues in the Information Science Profession are invited and encouraged to submit a proposal. We encourage stimulating, high-quality papers on any topic related to the Forum theme, subthemes, and/or possible topics. Papers will be presented on a panel or as a poster. Papers will inspire the Forum discussions and deliberations on next steps.

Accepted presenters will be required to submit a publication-ready paper of their approved proposals before the Forum begins. Following the Forum, all presenters will be required to submit a final written paper (anticipated word count: 3000 - 10,000 words max, along with an attached bibliography) to be included in the Forum proceedings. The Forum Proceeding publisher has not been selected at this time. Exact paper format requirements will be available at a later date.

Presenters will be required to register for the Forum.

Multiple proposal submissions are allowed. Submissions will be accepted until March 31, 2023. Submit proposals via the Proposal Submission Form.

Participation of Non-Indigenous Allies

IILF Hawaiʻi will center Indigenous voices. We also recognize the many contributions from our Non-Indigenous allies that lift up and support Indigenous communities. We welcome participation of Non-Indigenous allies on presentations led by Indigenous colleagues.

Proposal Types

  • Presentation (to be shared in a panel)
  • Poster

Proposals Should Include

  1. Number of presenters
  2. Presenter information (Name, Indigenous community affiliations, email, mailing address, bio, photo)
  3. Proposal type
  4. Abstract (250-300 words)
  5. Alignment with Forum themes
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