• Is there an event programme?

A high-level programme has been posted on the website. Specific sessions, keynote and plenary speakers, aligned with the themes of the conference, will follow in due course.

  • Will there be side-events and workshops before or after the conference?

We plan to send out a call for side-events in due course, and participants will be able to sign up for most of these side-events when they register. Sign up to “get event updates” under the News tab on the website to receive notification of this call. Please see our short course page for information on the Resilience short course application.

  • Can I propose and organize a side-event?

Yes, we’ll send out a call for side-events, and participants will be able to sign up for these side-events when they register. At this time we don’t have dedicated funding or capacity to support the organization of side-events, but we can offer and facilitate venue space (if in Montreal), and can advertise these events on the conference website. Hybrid or virtual proposals, and proposals for satellite events are welcome, noting that the conference itself is focused on in-person attendance.

  • Are there any funding opportunities for attending the conference?

PECS-III will launch a conference sponsorship call for early-career researchers, low- and middle-income countries and Indigenous people in mid January 2024. Sign up for conference updates to receive notification of this call. Participants who qualify are also strongly encouraged to apply to Future Earth's Diversity funding as soon as you've received notification of your accepted session or abstract. Please ensure that you sign up as a Future Earth member, and that you clearly indicate that you are applying to the PECS conference when applying for this funding.

  • Will I be able to attend virtually?

We’re planning to run an in-person conference only, but may record some sessions for viewing afterwards. We also welcome submission of organised side-events, innovative sessions and satellite events associated with the conference.

  • How much does the conference cost?

We are still in process of determining the registration costs, as this will depend on how much funding we can raise to lower the fees for participants. Lower and middle income country participants, and early-career researchers will pay less than other conference attendees.

  • Who can I reach out to with questions?

If you have general questions regarding PECS-3, please reach out to info@pecs2024.com

  • Which costs are covered as part of the registration fees for the PECS-3 Conference, and what are participants expected to pay on their own?

The conference fees will cover attendance at the opening event, lunches, twice daily coffee and snacks, a mid-week field trip and the final soiree. The fee also naturally covers access to all sessions, talks and posters, and we expect most side-events (although this will slightly depend on the side-event organizers).

  • For presenters that are tentative, can we provide a name without an abstract for now?

There is likely to be very stiff competition for a session space, so whilst this is acceptable, we would recommend that applications are as complete as possible.

  • The submission and registration dates at the bottom of the website are different from in the submission call. Which is correct?

The submission dates are as per the submission guidelines and the home page. The dates at the bottom of the webpage are different on account of some formatting limitations of the website. Session proposals (oral symposia and innovative sessions) are due 15 November 2023, whilst abstracts for individual talks and poster sessions open on 22 November and close on the 2nd of February, midnight Eastern Time. Registration is not currently open - it will open on the 1st of March. Sign up to “get event updates” under the News tab on the website to receive reminders of these opening and closing dates.

  • When are submissions due?

The deadline for oral symposia and innovative sessions are 22 November 2023. Abstracts for talks and posters will open on the same day and close on the 2nd of February, midnight Eastern Time. Sign up to “get event updates” under the News tab on the website to receive reminders of these deadlines.

  • When is the difference between an innovative session and an oral symposium?

A symposium is a series of related talks associated with a common theme. The structure of these sessions is fairly fixed: a few talks, followed by some discussion. Innovative sessions can be anything you dream up and do not follow a traditional conference format.

  • When will I know when my session proposal or abstract was successful?

Status letters for oral symposia and innovative sessions have all been sent out. Successful individual talks and posters by the 1st of March 2024.

  • Can I submit more than one proposal or abstract?

Yes, but you will only be allowed to present in two sessions maximum. You are allowed to be a co-author on as many presentations as you wish.

  • I’ve heard that visas take a very long time for Canada. How can I ensure I receive my visa in time?

Indeed visa processing times are highly prohibitive and we urge you to start the visa application process as soon as possible. You can already request a visa letter to accompany your application letter from us here: https://event.fourwaves.com/pecs2024/registration

  • How many applicants will be accepted to attend in person?

We plan to accept around 400 conference registrations, from a diversity of regions and expertise.

  • Will any ECR-specific mixers and events be held?

Yes! There will be a student/ECR mixer on the first day of the workshop, and there are more plans in the works. Importantly, there will be a student summer field school/short course focused on methods from the 5th to the 9th of August, ahead of the conference. Sign up to “get event updates” under the News tab on the website to receive an alert when applications open for this event.

  • What hotel is recommended for out-of-town participants?

We will share hotel options and block bookings closer to the time, along with alternative accommodation ideas, closer to the time. Please sign up for conference updates!

  • Will you be able to provide certificates of participation to the conference?

Yes, we’ll provide these after the event.

  • What if I don’t know anyone else who is attending?

We will have a mixer geared towards welcoming those who are new to the community before the opening ceremony! Come by and introduce yourselves - we’re a friendly group!

  • How can I connect with other event participants before the conference?

We will release a conference App, in due course, downloadable for Android and iOS, where you’ll be able to sign up and connect with others, as well as view the detailed conference programme, once that is up. Sign up to “get event updates” under the News tab on the website to receive notifications when this happens.

  • How will the conference support attendance and engagement for mothers with young children?

We know that spaces to nurse, options for childcare and play, and easy access between the conference talks and those spaces are critical enablers of conference attendance for young mothers. We’ll have a dedicated room for nursing mothers, and we encourage you to reach out to us (info@pecs2024.com) if you have more specific childcare needs, so we can consider these as we plan for the conference.

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