November 16-17, 2022

2022 Michigan IT Symposium


Welcome to the 2022 Michigan IT Symposium event website! Dive in and explore this year’s 20 presentations and 13 posters that each reflect our theme, Helping Shape the Future of Learning, Research, & Care. Technology professionals across the Michigan IT community affect change - designing, evolving, and adapting technology to create innovative solutions and opportunities for new discoveries. Take a few minutes to review the schedule, find the breakout sessions that appeal to you and register today to attend in-person or virtually as this year’s symposium goes hybrid.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tazin Daniels

Pedagogies of Care: Transforming Relationships in Physical and Digital Spaces
1:45 p.m. • Wednesday, November 16

Dr. Tazin Daniels is an associate director at the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT). In this interactive session, Dr. Daniels will discuss the importance of establishing caring relationships with students and each other in order to improve educational outcomes. Through a series of individual and small group reflections, we will explore the challenges and opportunities that come with cultivating a "relationship-rich” environment across campus, along with strategies to replenish the resources required to do this challenging work. Come prepared to fully participate and contribute!

Spotlight Speaker: Bhargav Sri Prakash

Digital Vaccines: Can an AI enabled metaverse save us from ourselves?
11:30 a.m. • Thursday, November 17

Bhargav Sri Prakash is the founder & CEO of FriendsLearn - a life science and health technology startup headquartered in San Francisco, California & with an office in Chennai, India. He is an engineer, designer, inventor and serial entrepreneur, cited often among renowned deeptech pioneers on the world stage. He is the inventor of digital vaccines through neurocognitive computing. The USPTO recently granted him the world’s first Patent for a digital vaccine.

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Join the #2022-symposium-attendees Slack channel to chat, network, ask questions and connect with other members of the Michigan IT community during this year's symposium. You can browse for the channel in the Michigan IT Slack workspace. Follow these steps or email if you need assistance.

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