April 29 to May 3, 2024

École d'été 2024 - Satistiques avancées en sciences de la vie

Summer School in Advanced Statistics: Hierarchical models for the Life Sciences

This annual summer school will provide the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in advanced statistics, in a convivial environment.

The theme for the 2024 edition is Hierarchical Models in the life sciences. The course aims to introduce hierarchical models from both a theoretical and practical point of view. Hierarchical models with and without constraints (e.g. spatial and/or time) as well as multivariate hierarchical models will be presented. Everything will be done using R with an introduction to Stan. Bring your dataset!

The summer school is presentes by Université de Sherbrooke and the training program in computational biodiversity science and services BIOS2 .

  • Date : April 29 to May 3, 2024. Participants are expected on April 29, 2024, at 9 am.
  • Location : Jouvence, Orford, Qc.
  • Cost : $600 (shared room) $800 (private room), including registration fees, educational material, accommodation, meals and coffee breaks.

Classes will be taught in English, with bilingual support, and workshops will be conducted in both languages.

More information here: https://www.usherbrooke.ca/ecoles-de-pointe/en/biology/2024-hierarchical-models-life-sciences

Selected applicants must complete this online form, send the requested documents and pay the registration fee by April 12, 2024, to confirm their participation.


  1. Tuition fees may be charged separately if the course is credited as part of your program of study (UdeS students or registration via BCI).
  2. If you are a BIOS2 Fellow or have received a registration fee waiver, you must still make the payment to confirm your participation. You will receive a refund (or scholarship) at the end of the summer school to cover the registration fee.
  3. No refunds will be made in the event of a cancellation.

To continue, select "Registration" from the main menu (top left).


Centre de Villégiature Jouvence

131, Chemin de Jouvence Orford, QC Canada, J1X 6R2

Registration period

April 3, 2024 - 00:00 until April 14, 2024 - 23:30

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact ecole.biologie@usherbrooke.ca .

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