October 11-13, 2023

XXXIV Annual Scientific Meeting - RSA AiIG 2023

"Humanizing technologies for a better society. Purpose-driven innovation to empower people"

Lecco, October 12-13, 2023


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Lecco, October 12-13, 2023


The 34th edition of the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Italian Association of Management Engineering (AiIG) will be held in Lecco, on October 12-13, 2023, organized by Politecnico di Milano. All the events will take place at the Campus of Politecnico di Milano in Lecco (via Previati - via Ghislanzoni). The program is detailed as shown in the table:


A number of social events will be organized from October 11th afternoon to October 13th evening. We warmly invite you to participate.

The detailed conference program, the list of the hotels, social events and directions to the campus will be available on this website and at: https://www.ingegneriagestionale.it/rsa/2023


The 34th Annual Scientific Meeting theme is “Humanizing technologies for a better society. Purpose-driven innovation to empower people”. Our annual meeting will be dedicated to better understanding the complex relationship between people, communities, and technologies. The overall objective of the discussion is to propose and analyze new models of innovation, technology development, and adoption conceived to mitigate the unintended consequences of innovation, to better respond to societal grand challenges and to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable and inclusive economic and industrial paradigms. There is a pressing need to rethink and reshape the current model of innovation, driven by the idea of super-performance and super-functionality of technology and the imperative of profit maximisation for shareholders, and move instead towards a more balanced model, centred on the social dividends of technology that fully reconciles the human, social and environmental implications of industrial production with the economic and financial ones. The conference aims to anticipate a near-term future in which sustainability and innovation will converge in a unique, single and undetachable meaning, enabling deep-purpose business models and sustainable growth.

The following research streams are particularly relevant to this extent:

  • Models and approaches aimed at introducing a human-centred perspective into innovation models
  • Innovation approaches aimed at contrasting inequalities, taking care of disadvantaged individuals and in general enabling smart responses to societal challenges
  • Social innovation and social-tech
  • Data for good
  • Innovation, competition and industrial dynamics for collective well-being
  • Finance for human-centred and inclusive innovation
  • Models and methods for the design and management of regenerative and resilient industrial supply chains
  • Collaborative and distributed manufacturing models enabled by digital platforms for more sustainable production systems
  • Person-centred digital factory model

A list of proposed thematic tracks is also contributing to the program:

  • The era of a new virtual economy: how do business strategies change with the advent of virtual goods and worlds?
  • New Insights on Resource and Knowledge Management in Circular Supply Chains
  • Unlocking start-ups’ and SMEs’ full potential: the role of resources and their redeployment - Digitalization and Entrepreneurship Across Firm Types: Towards a Context-Specific Perspective
  • Untangling consumer behavior to develop marketing strategies and new products/services for a sustainable transition
  • Humanizing the healthcare sector: how to generate value from human-centric innovations
  • Digital technologies in the Service sector: opportunities, challenges, and impacts for business model innovation and human-centered value creation
  • The Role of Digitalization in Fostering Sustainable Development for International Business
  • Entrepreneurial Finance and Digitalization for a Better Society: Fostering Inclusion and Green Entrepreneurship
  • Complexity perspectives, models, approaches, and methods to support resilience and sustainability in organizations and innovation systems
  • Industry 5.0 and digital transformation: unveiling the main dynamics of human-centered innovation
  • Human Learning and Digital Innovation in Creative and Cultural Industries
  • The Data Science Perspective in Entrepreneurship and Management Research
  • Developing digital and dynamic capabilities in the digital transformation era
  • Platform Thinking and Circular Economy: Opportunities for a sustainable impact
  • Digital Innovation Ecosystem development for the Circular Economy: the Startups’ perspective -Circular economy, digital technologies, and innovation ecosystem: opportunities and challenges for sustainable, resilient, and human-centered global value and supply chains - Accelerating Circular Economy Transition: the Role of Open Innovation and Digital Technologies


Two different types of paper may be presented:

1) ‘Competitive’ papers, namely fully-developed papers, ready for submissions to journals/books, describing clearly research objectives, research hypotheses, and empirical/theoretical analysis;

2) ‘Work-in-progress’ papers, namely early-stage papers, still not ready for submission to journals/books, describing motivations and pitching possible research hypotheses.


IMPORTANT! The submitted PDF/WORD file SHALL NOT include the authors' names. In case of acceptance, authors will be required to upload the final version including the authors' names.

A blind review process will be adopted for the evaluation of all submissions.

Each author can submit up to three papers but will be allowed to present just one (every accepted paper must have a different presenter).

The presented papers will be available on the conference website.

In case of submission of a paper to a thematic track, we ask the authors to address its corresponding organizer reported on https://www.ingegneriagestionale.it/rsa/2023/conference-tracks/ before the online submission.

Important dates

By 9 July 2023 - Submission of extended abstract/full paper

By 10 September 2023 - Notification of acceptance

By 1 October 2023 - Submission of full paper

From 1 July 2022 to 30 September 2023 - Registration to the conference

12-13 October 2023 - XXXIV AiIG Annual Scientific Meeting

Important dates


To register and proceed with the payment, please follow this link:


AiIG members: Professors and Senior Researchers

  • € 330 + € 60 annual association fee 2023

AiIG members: Junior Researchers

  • € 220 + € 30 annual association fee 2023

Other participants:

  • € 500


Raffaella Cagliano, Politecnico di Milano

Mario Calderini, Politecnico di Milano

Alessandra Colombelli, Politecnico di Torino

Emilio Esposito,Università di Napoli Federico II

Giancarlo Giudici, Politecnico di Milano

Matteo Kalchschmidt, Università di Bergamo

Raffaella Manzini, LIUC Università C. Cattaneo

Federico Munari, Università di Bologna

Fabio Nonino, Sapienza Università di Roma

Giovanni Perrone, Università di Palermo

Enrico Scarso, Università di Padova


Giancarlo Giudici, Politecnico di Milano

Federico Bartolomucci, Politecnico di Milano

Debora Bettiga, Politecnico di Milano

Fabio Busicchia, Politecnico di Milano

Vincenzo Butticè, Politecnico di Milano

Filomena Canterino, Politecnico di Milano

Angelo Cavallo, Politecnico di Milano

Matteo Conti, Politecnico di Milano

Annalisa Croce, Politecnico di Milano

Eleonora Gheduzzi, Politecnico di Milano

Josip Kotlar, Politecnico di Milano

Omar Mazzucchelli, Politecnico di Milano

Antonella Moretto, Politecnico di Milano

Partners and sponsors

Partners and sponsors


Politecnico di Milano, Lecco

1/C, Via Gaetano Previati Lecco, Lombardia Italia, 23900

Registration period

May 25, 2023 - 06:39 until October 12, 2023 - 23:30

Contact us

For any questions about the event, please contact rsa2023aiig-dig@polimi.it

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