The Precision Health Scholarship Competition is organized jointly with the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation scholarship competition.

Candidates who wish to apply to the Precision Health scholarship must apply via the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation scholarship competition and select YES to the question “Would you like to apply for the Precision Health scholarship”. The application will be evaluated within the framework of both competitions by the same jury. The best candidates will be selected for the Precision Health scholarship (one scholarship per category). Other applications received may obtain a scholarship from the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation if they have evaluation results above the funding threshold.

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Scholarship accumulation

The accumulation of major scholarships is not permitted. Recipients must declare any scholarship received from other granting organizations or foundations.

Recipients who have obtained a nominative scholarship from another public granting organization or a foundation for an amount equal to or greater than the amount of the Precision Health scholarship must decline the precision health scholarship as soon as it is offered. Granting scholarships of lower amounts will have no impact, unless their sum exceeds the authorized amounts.

Parental Leave

Students who took maternity, paternity or adoption leave during the study program related to the scholarship application may benefit from an eligibility extension of a maximum of twelve (12) months. Students wishing to benefit from this extension, must notify the program manager and include a letter of justification in the annex file.

Foundation Scholarship recipients who wish to take a maternity, paternity or adoption leave must notify the Research Directorate at least 30 days before the start of the leave. The scholarship will then be suspended for a maximum of twelve (12) months. The Scholarship end date will then be postponed for a period equal to the student's absence.

Commitments of the scholarship holder

The financed candidates will have to comply with the following conditions, otherwise the Research Center reserves the right to terminate the scholarship payments:

· Carry out your research activities at CR-CHUSJ and/or CRME
· Attend CR-CHUSJ scientific conferences (minimum 12 presentations per year)
· Submit two (2) proofs of submitting a scholarship application to an external granting organization if eligible for these programs. This evidence must be submitted no later than December 1st of the current year
· Remain actively enrolled in the study program or postdoctoral internship throughout the duration of the scholarship
· Declare any scholarship received from organizations other than from the CR-CHUSJ and submit a notification of award to the person responsible for academic affairs upon receipt of the award decision
· Participate in student activities and be available for activities related to Precision Health
· Present your research project at the Annual Research Congress of CHU Sainte-Justine as well as at the Annual Symposium of the Pediatric Precision Health Partnership in the editions following the award (poster or oral)
· At the end of the scholarship, submit a one-page report on the progress made during the research project to the Pediatric Precision Health Partnership team
· Provide the Academic Affairs Office with all proof of thesis submission

Any publication, including a dissertation or thesis, resulting from work accomplished during the term of the award must acknowledge financial support from the Pediatric Precision Health Partnership.

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