Do I have to resp. can I use the same Fourwaves account from the previous year?

Yes, please use the same account and register for the new event!

I don't have an account yet, how do I create one?

Under the registration tab, please fill in your details and submit the form. You will receive a confirmation email after you have registered. At the end of this email, there will be a button to activate/access an account.

The "Participants" tab does not show the information I entered during registration. How can I change this?

You must change the information in your Fourwaves profile to change the information at the "Participants" tab!

My abstract is not ready yet, how much time do I have to submit it?

The deadline for abstract submission is March 31, 2024.

Can I make changes to the abstract or poster after submission?

Yes. You can log into your account and make any changes until the submission deadline for the respective submissions.

If you have any other questions or troubles, please contact us at .

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