Submissions Close: Monday December 11, 2023
Acceptance Notification: After Friday January 19, 2024

Call for proposals is open to CICAN MEMBERS only.

Selection Process

Each proposal will be assessed by reviewers using the criteria below. CICan will use the ratings and comments to create the overall program with the objective of ensuring that the Conference program includes a well-balanced mix of high-quality sessions that will meet the diverse interests of attendees. Please identify the SDG goal that best applies to your proposal - you may indicate more than one.

Selection Criteria
Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Will involve other CICan member institutions and/or partner organizations.
  • Should be linked to three or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Will provide attendees with broadly applicable lessons, tools and ideas which participants can bring back to their institution, organization, or community.
  • Will inspire attendees with new, high-impact and solutions-oriented initiatives or research.
  • Will equip attendees with new skills or strengthen existing skills.
  • Will promote active learning by making effective use of audience engagement techniques.
  • Is relevant to the overall conference theme of Growing Talent and fits within a specific stream.

Recommendations for Preparing a Successful Proposal

  • Know your audience. Ensure your proposal is likely to be relevant and useful to attendees and includes the takeaways.
  • Focus your proposal on something specific and unique with implications for the future of the PSE system (e.g., a successful initiative or research project).
  • Don’t be afraid to go deep! Many of our attendees are seeking advanced, in-depth content.
  • Describe the evidence you will be using to support your presentation.
  • Find partners from other institutions. Proposals that offer insights from multiple institutions engaged in similar work are highly desirable.
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