May 31 to June 2, 2021

33rd Annual CSI Virtual Conference

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On behalf of the entire CSI community, we welcome you to the CSI-SCI2021 Virtual Conference! We are excited to announce that the CSI2021 Annual Meeting will be held virtually. This decision was made due to the current provincial and nationwide guidelines restricting gatherings and travel, which are expected to continue over the coming months.

The CSI-SCI2021 Virtual Conference will be held from Monday, May 31st to Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021. Highlights of the CSI-SCI2021 Virtual Conference will include COVID-19 focused Keynote speakers, a speaker and active-learning focused EDI session, trainee talks and poster sessions, a trainee engagement session as well as awards for trainee talks and posters, virtual exhibitor booths, three Scientific Symposia, a CIHR-new investigator session and the CSI Cinader Award Lecture.

Registration and payment will take place on the CSI website. Once registration with payment has been completed on the CSI website you will receive the link to complete the registration form hosted on CSI-SCI2021 Virtual Meeting website. You will need to complete this form to be able to access CSI-SCI2021 website and submit an abstract. Registration fees are minimal and of course as usual CSI members benefit from lower registration fees.

If you have any questions, please contact our Conference Organizer, Mrs. Wafaa Antonious by email or by phone 613 421 7229. Please encourage your colleagues and trainees to register and submit abstract(s) to the CSI-SCI2021 Virtual Conference.

The CSI-SCI2021 Victoria Local Organizing Committee (LOC) would have loved to host and meet you in person in the beautiful city of Victoria, but instead, we are looking forward to connecting with the CSI community remotely. We look forward to your participation in the CSI-SCI2021 Virtual Conference!


CSI-SCI2021 Victoria Organizing Committee.

Dr. Julian J. Lum, CSI-SCI2021 LOC Co-Chair
Dr. Lisa A. Reynolds, CSI-SCI2021 LOC Co-Chair
Mrs. Wafaa H. Antonious, CSI-SCI2021 Conference Organizer


The Canadian Society for Immunology and the CSI-SCI2021 Local Organizing Committee would like to thank our sponsors and exhibitors for their support to the CSI-SCI2021 Annual Virtual Conference.

    Platinum Sponsor

    • Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Institute of Infection & Immunology

    Gold Sponsor

    • Quanterix
    • 10x Genomics
    • BioLegend
    • BD Biosciences
    • Stemcell technologies

    Silver Sponsor

    • Cedarlane
    • Immudex
    • Luminex Corporation


    • Sony Biotechnology
    • Cytek Biosciences

    Trainee Events Supporters

    Thank you for the companies that provided materials to include in the Trainee Gift Package. Your support to the trainees are much appreciated.

    • BioLegend
    • Cedarlane
    • Designs that Cell
    • eBioscience
    • Lab Shenanigans
    • Milltenyi
    • Thermofisher
    • Stemcell technologies

    Contact Us:

    Mrs. Wafaa H. Antonious
    CSI-SCI 2021 Conference Organizer
    C/O Rofail Conference and Management Services (RCMS)
    17 Dossetter Way
    Ottawa, ON K1G 4S3
    Tel.: 613 421 7229


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