September 13-14, 2024

Fennemore University Class of 2024

Welcome to Fennemore University

Fennemore University is our annual Leadership Summit equipping lawyers with skills for driving change inside and outside the firm.

Here we unite practice group leaders, office managing partners, and other leaders within the firm to purposefully exchange best practices and plan for the future. Integral to the summit is our dedicated focus on empowering firm leaders for success through honest conversations while looking ahead to key initiatives slated for the upcoming year. Through collaboration, brainstorming sessions, and networking, we create meaningful connections that strengthens our firm’s capabilities.

Fennemore University is more than a summit - it's an embodiment of our commitment to unified success, transparency, and collective vision.

Fennemore University Speakers

  • Marcie Borgal Shunk

    Marcie Borgal Shunk

    President and Founder of The Tilt Institute

    Marcie Borgal Shunk is widely renowned for her expertise in navigating law firms of all sizes through the intricate landscape of talent, culture, and leadership dynamics. With a commitment to leveraging the forefront of scientific research and innovative strategies, she empowers law firms to navigate change and embrace the future of the legal profession.

    Marcie holds two prestigious fellowships, four certifications in culture and coaching, and several board advisory positions. She is a frequent contributor to The American Lawyer, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg Law, where she shares insights on leadership, culture and emerging legal trends. Marcie is a graduate of Harvard with a degree in sociology.

    Marcie believes leadership efficacy is at the core of improving engagement, wellbeing and results. She is the creator of the seminal program, Leadership Foundations - a high-impact, virtual interactive development program designed to offer essential leadership skills and practical solutions firms can implementꢀimmediately.

  • James Goodnow

    James Goodnow

    CEO, Fennemore

    James will present on Setting the Vision, Building Strong Relationships, and Monitoring Performance.

  • Bob Kramer

    Bob Kramer

    Chief Talent Officer, Fennemore

    Bob will present on talent and recruiting on Friday afternoon.

  • Dave Bassuk

    Dave Bassuk

    Chief Financial Officer, Fennemore

    Dave will lead a Performance Discussion on Saturday.

  • Dean Seiveno

    Dean Seiveno

    Chief Enterprise Officer, Fennemore

    Dean will share a presentation about AI on Saturday.


  • Fennemore University


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