April 26, 2024

HPU Capstone Symposium 2024

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The Capstone Symposium is an annual virtual event at Hawaii Pacific University to promote academic excellence, learning with real-world purposes, interdisciplinary exchanges, and HPU-community connections. The organizing committee is happy to welcome you to our new event website! Here you will find more information about the objectives of the event, the speakers and the schedule. You will also be able to explore the content and see the list of participants.

How to navigate the event

To view all presentations, including Presentation Videos, Slides, and Breakout Room names, click on the "Presentations" tab above. Once there, click on each presentation to view the details.

To join the live sessions in Zoom, click on the "Schedule" tab above.

To let us know what you think about the Capstone Symposium, visit our Guest Book. HPU students who leave a comment will be eligible for a Raffle Prize ($20 value, supported by Student Activity Fee).


  • share what they have accomplished in their degree program
  • showcase their competency, creativity, and innovation in certain areas
  • relate discipline-specific learning outcomes to real-world applications
  • link their knowledge and abilities to future employment or higher education
  • substantiate professional development and achievement


  • what HPU students can accomplish by the time they graduate
  • what different degree programs can offer
  • how HPU contributes to the local community and the world

Organizing Committee

Dr. Brett Neilson, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Health Sciences, co-chair; Dr. Hanh thi Nguyen, Professor, College of Liberal Arts, co-chair; Dr. Noelia Paez, Associate Professor, College of Business, organizer; Dr. Mary Smith, Associate Professor, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, organizer.


The 2024 Capstone Symposium organizers would like to thank the following faculty, staff, and offices:

Capstone mentors: Peter Britos, Erika Callazo-Vargas, Ann Tai Choe, Han Nee Chong, Lori Daniels, John Hart, Brenden Holland, David Hyrenbach, Danielle Giroux, Matthew Iacchei, Jessica Jacob, Leeah Javier, Maria Levy, Tyler McMahon, Heather Medicine Bear, Olivia Nigro, Ngoc Phan, Mary Smith, Carmella Vizza.

Proposal reviewers: Peter Britos, Warren Chung, Erika Collazo Vargas, Joshua Forakis, Leeah Javier, Maria Levy, Nicole Rodriguez, Amy Sadek, Daniela Wagner-Loera, Rong Zou.

Judges: Joy Bliss, Travis Butler, Patty Coker-Bolt, Warren Chung, David Field, Steven Hanneman, Tandrea Jackson, Brenda Jensen, Carolyn Jones, Georgiana Martin, Suketu Naik, David Hyrenbach, Cynthia Sears, Melissa Tran, Robert Treakle, Carmella Visa, Daniela Wagner-Loera, Rob Wilson.

Sponsors and Supporters: The Office of Academic Affairs, Career Development Center, Marketing and Communication, HPU Libraries, and Student Life. The Raffle Prizes are funded by the Student Activity Fee.

Zoom group photos

Zoom group photos


Online event

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact bneilson@hpu.edu .

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