Hypoxia 2023: Tips for Effective Poster Presentations

- Size your text so most of it can be read from 1 meter/yard away

- State the problem, approach, results and conclusion in easy to read and separate sections

- Use plenty of figures and tables with large print to make your points
Consider using:
teletype style to
make your points

Poster boards: Your poster should measure: 36 inches wide x up to 43 inches high (roughly 90cm x 109cm).

Set-Up: Posters should be on display by Wednesday noon.

Dates and Times: The poster session will be on Wednesday afternoon, starting at 1600h to 1730h. You need to remove your poter by Wednesday evening. Poster pins will be supplied. Poster boards will be numbered with the poster number as printed in the online program.

Presentation: The first author shall be at the poster for the entire official viewing time.

Production: We have had good luck using commercial poster production companies such as Megaprint. You can very easily make your poster in Powerpoint, submit it on the internet and have it shipped to Lake Louise! Takes about 48 hrs. Prices are reasonable.