Chairmen of IDIVOSH 2023:

Daniel Côté / IRSST, U. Montréal, Canada

Daniel Côté is a researcher in occupational rehabilitation at the IRSST and an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at Université de Montréal, where he obtained his PhD in 2007 after conducting ethnographic research in the Indian Himalayas. Over the past few years, he has forged numerous collaborative links with researchers, both nationally and internationally, as well as with numerous clinical partners working in the public and community sectors. His research program focuses on workers in vulnerable situations and more specifically on the rehabilitation trajectories of immigrant workers and on issues related to intercultural communication in the intervention sector. He is also interested in social inequalities in health, the precariousness of work and the phenomenon of stigmatization, taking a critical and systemic approach to individual experiences. He is a member of the SHERPA University Institute and a researcher with the Laboratory for Research on Intercultural Relations (LABRRI) at Université de Montréal.

Jessica Dubé / IRSST, UQAM, Canada

Jessica Dubé has worked at the IRSST since May 2016, and has been a researcher since October 2019. She holds an interdisciplinary PhD in health and society from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), obtained in March 2018. Her thesis focuses on preventive practices with rental workers. She is also a lecturer in various university programs in Human Resources. Her research interests focus on occupational health and safety (OSH) management and more specifically on the cohabitation of a diverse population in workplaces, small businesses and intercultural relations. Her methodological approach is essentially qualitative: grounded theory, case study and collaborative research.

Scientific Committee:

Agnes Meershoek / Maastricht U., Netherlands
Aline Lechaume / U. Laval, Canada
Andrea Cortinois / Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Canada
Basak Yanar / IWH, Canada
Daniel Côté / IRSST, U. Montréal, Canada
David Walters / Cardiff U., United Kingdom
Ellen MacEachen / U. Waterloo, Canada
Emily Quinn Ahonen / Indiana U. Fairbanks School of Public Health, U.S.A.
Janet McLaughlin / Wilfrid Laurier U., Canada
Jessica Dubé / IRSST, UQAM, Canada
Jorge Frozzini / UQAC, Canada
Katherine Lippel / U. Ottawa, Canada
Laurent Vogel / ETUI, Belgium
Leah Vosko / York U., Canada
Michael Flynn / NIOSH, U.S.A.
Michael Quinlan / U. New South Wales, Australia
Mieke Koehoorn / UBC, Canada
Mircea Vultur / INRS, Canada
Peter Smith / IWH, Canada
Sébastien Arcand / HEC Montréal, Canada
Stéphanie Premji / McMaster U., Canada

Organizing Committee:

Daniel Côté / IRSST & U. Montréal, Professor & Researcher
Jessica Dubé / IRSST & UQAM , Professor & Researcher
Noémie Boucher / IRSST, Communications Division
Geneviève Pinard / IRSST, Director, Research Department
Ingrid Dallaire / IRSST, Director, Finance and Procurement Division
Maura Tomi / IRSST, Communication Advisor
Ai-Thuy Huynh / IRSST, Scientific Professional

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