October 11-13, 2023

15th International Aluminium Conference | INALCO 2023


Dear Colleagues

The International Aluminium Conference (INALCO) has the great honor to announce the 15th International Conference from 11 to 13, October 2023.

The conference is planned to be in-person gathering to be held in Québec City, Canada at the Centre des congrès de Québec. The Organizing Committee of INALCO is inviting the submission of abstracts, papers and presentations to the upcoming INALCO 2023.

The 15th International Aluminium Conference is organized by the Aluminium Cluster AluQuébec and the Aluminium Research Centre REGAL. REGAL is a Research Centre in Québec that gathers experts from seven universities and one college (Université Laval, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, École de Technologie Supérieure, McGill University, Polytechnique Montréal, Université de Sherbrooke, Concordia University and Cégep de Trois-Rivières).


March 20th 2023: Deadline for abstracts submission;

April 3rd 2023:Notification to authors and abstracts acceptance;

June 30rd 2023: Full paper deadline and inscription for authors;

September 23rd 2023: Registration deadline;

October 11th 2023: Opening.


About conference

This INALCO 2023 conference provides a unique opportunity to bring together acade- mics, research and development professionals, sales and marketing executives, plant and industrial engineers, quality-control managers, and other prominent aluminium industry leaders. This 3-day conference proposes various sessions where the results of recent research activities from all over the world in the field of aluminium constructions are presented. Approximately 90 papers and expert presentations from many countries are expected (from Algeria, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea, Montenegro, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, etc.). The conference program will consist of keynote lectures by invited speakers as well as of oral and poster presentations of papers submitted by attendees

The first international conference on welded products and constructions with aluminium alloyswas held in Cleveland (USA) in 1979. It became established as INALCO at the 2nd conference in Munich in Germany in 1982. Since then, conferences have been held every three years in different venues all over the world (except for the 15th edition due to the COVID disease). The latest editions were held in Osaka (Japan, 2007), Eindhoven (The Netherlands, 2010), Montréal (Canada, 2013), Naples (Italy, 2016) and Tokyo (Japan, 2019).

Final program

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Keynote speakers

  • Honorable Rosa Galvez

    Honorable Rosa Galvez

    Senator, Canada

    Rosa Galvez is an environmental engineer, an independent senator at the Senate of Canada, and President of the Parliamentary Network on Climate Change of ParlAmericas. She was a professor at Laval University for over 25 years and chaired its Civil and Water Engineering department from 2011 to 2017. She specializes in pollution control, water and wastewater treatment, sustainable development, municipal and hazardous waste, site remediation, impact assessment and climate risk to infrastructure.

    Aluminium in a circular economy

    Aluminium is more than just a resource; it is an absolutely critical component of human society and it will only grow in importance as we accelerate the transition towards a low-carbon economy. The Honourable Rosa Galvez, a pollution expert and Canadian Senator since 2016, will provide context surrounding her life experience as a woman from Peru practicing engineering and now politics in Canada as well as how Canada fares in the global fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This presentation aims to provide insight on aluminium as an invaluable part of our life and economy in the context of climate change, environmental stewardship, a circular economy, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Vincent Christ

    Vincent Christ


    Vincent Christ has distinguished himself for over 35 years in the aluminum industry. Thanks to his strategic vision and academic career in engineering, he brilliantly oversaw the Technology and R&D organisations in the aluminium sector of Rio Tinto, managed large-scale investment projects and led various companies active in global equipment, materials and technology supply. Now at the helm of ELYSIS, Vincent Christ works to further develop a new disruptive ELYSIS™ smelting aluminum technology.

    ELYSIS a Key Player in the Aluminum Decarbonization

    ELYSIS is a joint venture between Alcoa and Rio Tinto formed in 2018 with a mission to transform the aluminium industry with breakthrough technology where environmental and financial performance meet. Aluminium is a key material part of the transition to renewable energy. It is therefore important to develop breakthrough solutions enabling the decarbonization of the aluminium production and replacing carbon dioxide emissions by oxygen. ELYSIS is progressing at a fast pace towards this goal and is excited to provide an update of its journey.

  • Tao Wang

    Tao Wang

    Rio Tinto

    Tao Wang currently holds the position of Technical Marketing Manager- Atlantic at Rio Tinto focusing on aluminum product development and customer technical support. Before joining Rio Tinto, he served as a chief metallurgist in the steel industry. He has over 10 years’ experience in product/market development and published more than 20 journal papers and 8 patents related to metal casting, rolling, and heat treatment. Tao holds a PhD degree in metallurgical engineering from the University of Alabama, and a Bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering from Jiao Tong University in China.

    The Future of Responsible Aluminium: Connecting the entire value chain

    How can blockchain technology empower consumers to make more sustainable choices? Powered by blockchain technology, START provides transparency, traceability, and provenance across value chains so customers and end users can see key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) information. START tells the entire story—from mine to market—of sustainable materials from Rio Tinto, allowing users to prove to their stakeholders and customers that they share a commitment to sustainability.

  • Philippe Gosselin

    Philippe Gosselin


    Born between the rivers and the mountains in Beaupré, Quebec, Ferreol is a young company founded by three ski and outdoor enthusiasts. The company was created with a very specific objective in mind: to design and manufacture high-performance alpine skis that are more eco-responsible and adapted to Quebec winter conditions.

    New aluminium-scandium alloy for high-performance alpine skis

    In collaboration with Rio Tinto and the Centre de Métallurgie du Québec, Ferreol has succeeded in developing a new aluminum-scandium alloy that surpasses the properties of the industry's best performing materials. With this technology, the company hopes to revolutionize the alpine ski industry and create more efficient products, while minimizing the impact on the environment. Indeed, there has not been a major innovation in this sector for over 40 years. In addition, the alpine ski industry is currently plagued by major supply problems. What's more, the few materials that manufacturers are able to source do not meet the quality standards expected from the industry. Ferreol wants to change this with its new aluminum-scandium alloy.

  • Félix Lapointe

    Félix Lapointe


    New aluminium-scandium alloy for high-performance alpine skis

    Conference presented with Philippe Gosselin

  • Geir Ringen

    Geir Ringen


    Geir Ringen is a professor at the department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science (NTNU). He has spent 15 years at Sintef Manufacturing as an industrial researcher within the domain of manufacturing systems for production of aluminium products. Currently at NTNU he is heading the NAPIC centre (NTNU Aluminium Product Innovation Centre), with the objective to create more researched based and innovative high-value products from aluminium. He is also holding an adjunct professorship at Texas A&M. Research interest is mainly at boarder of manufacturing processes, product development and circular material flows.

    Aluminium long span suspension bridges - ambitions, opportunities and challenges

    Aluminium bridges in Norway are about non-existing except for some aluminium bridge decks for shorter bridges as replacement decks. However, in recent years the interest for aluminium in long span bridges has grown among the road authorities, industry and the municipalities and counties as bridge owners. A number of concepts have been developed and especially the Langenuen suspension bridge, with a span between the towers of 1200 meters, has been thoroughly investigated with regards to global stability, weight optimization, fatigue properties and manufacturing. This presentation will guide the audience through the concept, ambitions, opportunities and challenges.

  • Benoit Cusson

    Benoit Cusson


    Structural designer at WSP for the past 10 years, engineer Benoit Cusson has been involved in several complex structure projects involving movable bridges, the Olympic Stadium of Montreal and various aluminium vehicular and pedestrian bridges. Recognized for his ability to resolve complex issues with pragmatism, he developed new applications, construction details and normative contents to propel the use of aluminium in bridges. He is vice-chair of CSA S6 chapters 13 (movable bridges) and 17 (aluminum structures) and member of the working group developing the upcoming CSA S7 standard on pedestrian bridges.

    10 Modern Applications and Construction Details for Aluminium Bridges

    Canada’s bridge industry is witnessing a momentum for the use of aluminium in pedestrian and vehicular bridges. The speaker will guide the attendees through six years of developing tangible innovative aluminium details and structural arrangements. Various projects of different scales which will be presented include two architectural pony-truss pedestrian bridges, the first GMAW welded aluminium deck on steel girder vehicular bridge in Canada and a signature pedestrian bridge where an 80 m long through truss connects to a curved girder structure. Along the way, the development of a simple aluminium girder pedestrian bridge concept inspired an innovative composite structural system involving an FSW welded aluminum deck connected to longitudinal girders. These various projects generated code update propositions for the aluminium chapter of the CSA S6 standard. Featured topics relate to bolted connections for decks, barriers and truss chords, welded straight and curved girders, expansion joints, design for fatigue and fabrication. The context is ideal to reflect on the roadmap towards 100% aluminium vehicular bridges.

  • Laurent Chappuis

    Laurent Chappuis

    Light Metal Consultants, LLC

    Born in Switzerland, Mr. Chappuis graduated with a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He has spent his entire career in automotive manufacturing, with an emphasis in computer modeling and aluminum auto body sheet (ABS). At Ford Motor Company, he spent 30 years as the expert on aluminum ABS, culminating with the aluminum intensive 2015 F-150. Since retiring from Ford, Mr. Chappuis has worked as a consultant on aluminum ABS projects worldwide.

    Aluminum Auto Body Sheet in North America after the 2015 Ford F-150

    The presentation will explore some of the forces both driving and limiting the use of aluminum auto body sheet (ABS). Some of the topics will include the competitive situation, the manufacturing environment, the impact of scrap recycling, and some considerations on potential differences between EV start-ups and established OEMs. It will follow with a short review of current applications, both won and lost. Finally, the presentation will conclude by offering some thoughts about the future, using the same parameters outlined in the introduction.

Host sponsor

  • Rio Tinto


  • Aluminerie Alouette
  • WSP
  • Kingston Metals & Materials Inc.

With the collaboration of the Quebec government

  • Gouvernement du Québec

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  • Québec Destination Affaires

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  • AluQuébec

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Venue and logding

Old Québec, a UNESCO World Heritage treasure, is walkable and safe. Stroll the cobblestone streets of the only fortified city north of Mexico and explore its gorgeous outdoors nearby

Québec city, an inspiring destination

Centre des congrès de Québec


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Venue and logding

Organizing Committee

  • Houshang Alamdari, Laval University
  • Véronique Auclair, AluQuébec
  • Marie Morin-Drolet, AluQuébec
  • Nicolas Boissonnade, Laval University
  • Mario Fafard, Laval University
  • Marie-Louise Tremblay, REGAL

Program Chairs

  • Sofiene Amira
  • Yves Archambault
  • Carl Blais
  • Mathieu Brochu
  • Guillaume D’Amours
  • Pampa Day
  • Alain Desrochers
  • Mario Fafard
  • Axel Gambou-Bocsa
  • Mousa Javidani
  • Charles-Philippe Lamarche
  • Ahmed Maslouhi
  • Bruno Leclerc
  • François Nadeau
  • Lyne St-Georges

Time to Register!

Deadline: Septembre 23, 2023

Registration fees (CAD)

  • Early Bird delegate (before July 10th 2023): 900 $
  • Delegate: 1 025 $
  • Conference speaker: 900 $
  • Student: 450 $


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International Scientific Committee

  • Charles-Darwin Annan, Canada
  • Sylvain Bédard, Canada
  • Amarilys Ben Attar, France
  • Carl Blais, Canada
  • Lorraine Blais, Canada
  • X-Grant Chen, Canada
  • Benoit Cusson, Canada
  • Glenn Daehn, USA
  • Laurent Dubourg, France
  • Ali Reza Eivani, Iran
  • Emad Elgallad, Canada
  • Shimaa Elhadad, Egypt
  • Abdallah Elsayed, Canada
  • Hüseyin Ersoy,Germany
  • Jim Evangelista, USA
  • Danick Gallant, Canada
  • Landry Giraud, France
  • Rakesh Goyal, USA
  • Daniel Green, Canada
  • Lyès Hacini, Canada
  • Amir Hadadzadeh, USA
  • Akbar Heidarzadeh, Iran
  • Max Hobfeld, Germany
  • Randi Holmestad, Norway
  • Niamh Hosking, USA
  • John Hunt, USA
  • Joseph Kish, Canada
  • Sébastien Langlois, Canada
  • Daniel Larouche, Canada
  • David Lemaitre, France
  • Julie Lévesque, Canada
  • Kun Liu, Canada
  • Johan Maljaars, Netherlands
  • Patrick Martel, Canada
  • Johan Maljaars, Netherlands
  • Federico M.Mazzolani, Italy
  • Elmira Moosavi, Canada
  • Siamak Nikzad, Canada
  • George Olive, USA
  • Lei Ray Pan, Canada
  • Alban Pilard, Canada
  • Mohamed Rachik, France
  • Ahmed Rahem, Canada
  • Goyal Rakesh, India
  • Geoffroy Rouget, Canada
  • Mehdi Shafiei, USA
  • Tomasz Siwowsk, Polland
  • Simon Smith, UK
  • Ann Christine Sychterz, USA
  • Dominique Thierry, France
  • Scott Walbridge, Canada
  • Peidong Wu, Canada
  • Ronald Ziemian, USA

Sponsorship Opportunities

As you well know, organizing such conference would simply not be possible without the strong support of our Conference Sponsors.

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Conference language

Puisqu'il s'agit d'une conférence internationale, les présentations se dérouleront en anglais. Cependant, n'hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous en français pour toutes questions relatives au congrès. Il nous fera plaisir de vous répondre en français.

As this is an international conference, presentations will be held in English. However, please feel free to contact us in French for any questions regarding the conference. We will be happy to answer you in French.

Instructions to submit your full paper on your Fourwaves account

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After peer review, high-quality papers will be published in open access in Engineering Proceedings, with each paper having a DOI number for reference.

The quality of the language is one of the criteria in the peer review process.

Engineering Proceedings

Otherwise, they will be made available to participants in downloadable PDF format on the INALCO website.

Authors of accepted abstracts must submit a full paper by June 30, 2023.

The Open-Access publication fees will be covered by INALCO.

The recommended length for papers is 4-9 pages.

Journal Format: use the following template is mandatory: Microsoft Word Template, Latex template,

The authors are responsible for the quality of the language. Language Editing Services is available at your own cost: https://www.mdpi.com/authors/english.

By submitting a paper in INALCO-2023 conference, authors understand and accept that their contribution may be published in the Open-Access Engineering Proceedings.

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