September 23, 2022

FRQS Cancer Research Network, TFRI and QCC joint symposium


The 'Réseau de la recherche sur le cancer FRQS', in partnership with the Quebec Node of the Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI) and the Quebec Cancer Consortium (QCC), welcomes you to its biennial meeting! Given the success of last year's virtual symposium, the organizing committee has decided to offer the meeting in a hybrid format. We will host the in-person meeting in the newly inaugurated Pierre-Péladeau amphitheatre at the CHUM.

The conference will include four sessions on the following themes:

  • Preclinical Models, Clinical, and Translational Research
  • Signaling, Epigenetics and Metabolism
  • Targeted Therapies and Immunotherapies
  • Multi-omics and Macro/Microenvironmental Factors

Once again, RRCancer members will have the opportunity to present their work in poster presentations (video or slides). Not yet a member? Don't worry! You can submit your membership application here:


  1. To enable the development and training of students, post-doctoral fellows, and medical residents by allowing them to present their research in poster presentations;
  2. To promote scientific discussions and the establishment of collaborations;
  3. To inform members of the major ongoing structuring projects in oncology;
  4. To maximize interactions between new researchers and other members of the Network by giving them the opportunity to showcase their research interests via pre-recorded video clips.

Organizing Committee

This conference would not be possible without the contribution of the organizing committee chaired by David P. Labbé and Julia Valdemarin Burnier: Étienne Audet-Walsh, François Bordeleau, Maxime Cahuzac, Geneviève Deblois, Simon-Pierre Gravel, Laura Hulea, Luisa Izzi Annie Leung, Sophie Marcoux, Jennifer Maxwell, Anne-Marie Mes-Masson, Veronique Ouellet, Aiman Oweida, April Rose, Christopher Rudd, Lee-Hwa Tai, and Brian Wilhelm.

Financial support

This event is sponsored by the Réseau de recherche sur le cancer, a thematic network supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec-Santé, the Quebec Node of the Terry Fox Research Institute as well as by the Quebec Cancer Consortium, an initiative funded by the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation du Québec. Many thanks to these three organizations. Their financial support allows participants to attend free of charge.

Wishing you all an excellent 2022 Symposium!

*Credit photo CHUM

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Elaine Mardis

Elaine Mardis, PhD is co-Executive Director of the Steve and Cindy Rasmussen Institute for Genomic Medicine at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and holds the Rasmussen Nationwide Foundation Endowed Chair of Genomic Medicine. She also is Professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Dr. Mardis is an internationally recognized expert in cancer genomics and immunogenomics, with ongoing interests in the integrated characterization of cancer genomes, defining DNA-based somatic and germline interactions and RNA-based pathways and immune microenvironments that lead to cancer onset and progression, with a focus on pediatric cancers and precision oncology.

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Elaine Mardis


Amphithéâtre Pierre-Péladeau (CHUM)

1058, Rue Saint-Denis Montréal, QC Canada, H2X 3J4

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