PRinCE Webinar Series 2021-2022

In anticipation of #PRinCE2023, we are introducing a webinar series geared towards fostering continued engagement and collaboration between the community of protein homeostasis researchers in Canada. We are excited to be hosting seminars by both principal investigators and trainees. The seminars will be held virtually using zoom every three weeks at 2pm ET (11am PT). Each session will be one hour long and will include either one seminar by a principal investigator or two seminars by trainees.

Seminar Schedule

November 18th, 2021

1. hnRNP A1B, a splice variant of HNRNPA1, has a potential function in RNA transport

Myriam Gagné, Graduate Student - Universite de Montreal

2. Sti1/Hop modulates the toxicity of the ALS-asociated protein Matrin3

Dr. Sonja Di Gregorio, Postdoc - University of Western Ontario

    December 9th, 2021

    Protein aggregation and inhibition: tau, TDP-43, gelsolin and crystallin stories

    Dr. Sanela Martic, PI - Trent University

      January 6th, 2022

      SUMO regulation of intranuclear quality control chaperones in yeast

      Dr. Peter Stirling, PI - BC Cancer Agency

        January 27th, 2022

        Polyphosphate as a universal regulator of protein function

        Dr. Michael Downey, PI - University of Ottawa

          February 17th, 2022

          A Tribute to Jason Young’s Legacy in Chaperone Protein Folding

          Introductory remarks:

          Walid A. Houry (University of Toronto)

          David Y. Thomas (McGill University)

          F. Ulrich Hartl (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Germany)

          Chaperoning protein misfolding in ALS

          Dr. Martin Duennwald (Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University, Canada) Chaperoning protein misfolding in ALS

          The chaperone HSPB1 prepares protein aggregates for resolubilization by HSP70

          Dr. Carlos H I Ramos (Chemistry Institute, University of Campinas UNICAMP, Brazil)

          The chaperone HSPB1 prepares protein aggregates for resolubilization by HSP70

            March 10th, 2022

            Uncovering neuronal molecular mechanisms to maintain protein homeostasis

            Dr. Maria Vera Ugalde, PI - McGill University

              March 31st, 2022

              1. Effect of MC4R structural dynamics on the protein transportation to the cell membrane

              Dr. Sajjad Ahrari, Postdoc - Universite de Montreal

              2. Mechanisms of allosteric regulation of ClpP protease by small molecules and their implications to antibiotic and anticancer drug development

              Dr. Mark Mabanglo, Postdoc - University of Toronto

                April 21st, 2022

                The mitoCPR - a protein quality control pathway for mitochondrial un-imported proteins

                Dr. Hilla Weidberg, PI - University of British Columbia

                  May 12th, 2022

                  Navigating the protein homeostasis network by induced proximity proteomics

                  Dr. Mikko Taipale, PI - University of Toronto

                    May 26th, 2022

                    Experimental and computational studies of disorder‐based protein‐protein interactions in the oxidative stress response

                    Dr. (James) Wing-Yiu Choy, PI - University of Western Ontario

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