Mail out Packages

The first 150 individuals to register for the 2024 eSummit received an exclusive eSummit package by mail. This package includes carefully selected gifts to enhance tea talk sessions and additional activities.

Flash Fuel - Organic Instant Coffee

Flash Fuel is a blend of CHRC Instant and Micro-Ground which gives a full bodied and delicious drinking coffee - While the instant is completely water soluble, the micro-ground will leave a slight sediment in the bottom of the cup (similar to cowboy coffee). If you are feeling particularly adventurous, give the slurry a go, otherwise dispose of it.

Flash Fuel - Organic Instant Coffee

About Canadian Heritage Roasting Company

Canadian Heritage Roasting Company has always had an affinity towards conservation and environmental stewardship - a connection to the wild places that ignited their passion to build the company they are today. Their methods and values are forged from their experiences as wildland firefighters. The company found its inspiration over a percolated cup of coffee on a backpacking trip one morning in the rolling hills of Alberta, Canada.

Learn more about their initiatives, including planting 1 million trees by 2030.

Boreal Heartland Tea

Experience truly Canadian tea culture from the Boreal Forest in northern Saskatchewan. Herbs in each blend are wildcrafted for their traditional uses, natural health benefits and balanced flavour.


Boreal Heartland is unwavering in their commitment to ensure that the plants they harvest will be available for generations to come. They ensure sustainability through a number of initiatives. Learn more about these initiatives here.

Economic Reconciliation:

Approximately 80% of Indigenous people in Canada live in the Boreal in remote, rural communities. At Boreal Heartland, they are working to build the local economy for these Indigenous communities through reconnecting people to traditional ways of teaching and learning and giving people a chance to earn income through sustainable harvest.

Boreal Heartland Tea

Restoration Tea Blend (Caffeine-free): Fireweed & Wild mint

A dark savory tea, with a fresh minty aroma and full bodied taste. The amber liquor is lightly bitter with herbaceous flavour notes of cucumber, seaweed, moss and gentle mint.

Fireweed and wild mint are both traditionally used by Canadian First Nation peoples for their health benefits, including reducing inflammation, indigestion, cold and migraines. Hand picked, sustainably in the Northern Saskatchewan wilderness.

Energization Tea Blend (Caffeine-free): Wild Sarsaparilla Root, Rosehip, Bearberry, and Birch Leaf

The aroma is a combination of spruce wood and dried ginseng and the liquor is a cloudy sunny yellow. The blend infuses with jammy notes from the rose hip, and has a savory, dry bitter mouth feel with hints of liquorice root, roasted cauliflower and dandelion.

Indigenous people used these herbs to provide stamina during extended hunting excursions. Great either hot or iced, this tea gives a gentle boost rather than the harsh spikes of caffeine.

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