Social Events
Please note that all social events are for in person registration only.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Opening Reception:

Reunite with old friends, meet new colleagues and get the conference kicked off at the Opening reception. Immediately after the Keynote talks.

Monday June 26th

Informal Postdoc meet and greet event
Organized by: Dr. Sarah Piché, Université du Québec à Montréal

Did you ever feel out of place because you were suddenly no longer a student, but not truly part of the staff either? Did you have to deal with stressful short-term contracts, or the excitement (and impostor syndrome…) of bringing to life a whole project of your own making, almost but not quite like a PI?

This event aims to make postdocs feel welcome, heard, and understood during this unique and transient phase of their career. Postdocs will be able to discuss with other postdocs, but also with PIs who can answer their questions, alleviate their concerns, and help them navigate through life post-PhD in a friendly setting. Simply grab your lunch and meet with us. More details to be provided

Monday June 26th from 12:00-13:00

Where: TBA

Monday June 26th

Student Mixer and ASM Student Network Event
Organized by: CSM-SCM2023 Dalhousie LOC Student Volunteers

Location: Pacifico (5171 George Street, Downtown Halifax), Starting at 7:15 pm

Student Mixer: Looking for an evening in Downtown Halifax to meet and network with your peers in a friendly and relaxed setting? The CSM Student Mixer is the event for you! Held at Pacifico (5171 George Street, Downtown Halifax), the CSM Student Mixer will be an evening of entertainment, good food, and friends. Win a prize in the Icebreaker bingo, enjoy great food and drinks (including a complimentary drink) and test your scientific and pop culture knowledge through our Science-themed trivia.

The ASM Student Network event will be held within the CSM Student Mixer. A speed dating style, informal networking event which aims to bring students and post docs closer to established-career scientists. This is a great opportunity to get some valuable face time with leaders in various microbiology-related fields from Canada and the US over some drinks and food. This event is sponsored in part by the American Society for Microbiology, and is organized by the ASM Student Ambassador. Tickets to the CSM Student Mixer have to be purchased to be able to access and participate in the ASM Student Networking Event.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

CSM President Banquet:

Location: Canadian Musuem of Immigration - Pier 21

A long-held tradition, the CSM President's Banquet is a time to thank the outgoing CSM President and pass the torch. An award ceremony will be held for student and postdoc poster and oral symposium awards. A final chance to have dinner and spend some time with colleagues. Bring your dancing shoes, its always a great party!

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