“From science to market: 2 examples of health innovations in Quebec”


“From science to the market: the example of NexPlasmaGen!”

Attend the presentation by Ms. Audrey GLORY, PhD, lead of preclinical trials at NexPlasmaGen and research associate in the laboratory of Dr. Philip Wong at the CRCHUM.

About Audrey GLORY :

Audrey a 5 ans d’expérience dans la conduite d’essais précliniques pour le cancer du sein et d’autres cancers. Elle travaille chez NexPlasmaGen et au CR-CHUM en tant que Leader des essais précliniques.

Bio : I obtained my PhD in biochemistry at UQAM (Montreal, QC, Canada) in 2016. My background includes biochemistry and immunology (B.Sc. in Biochemistry, M.Sc. in Infectiology and Immunology), with an emphasis on cancer treatments. My expertise also includes teaching, team management and supervision of trainees (both undergraduate and graduate students).
During my PhD, I studied the molecular mechanisms of hyperthermia and thermotolerance in cancer cells. I am currently working as a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Philip Wong's lab on combinations of radiotherapy and non-thermal plasma for cancer treatment. Next year I will lead the first Canadian clinical study on the use of non-thermal plasma to reduce breast cancer recurrence.

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CONFÉRENCE #2 - 16h15

"Inhibiting the 17beta-HSD1 enzyme: story of an ascent towards clinical trials and a potential drug"

Attend the presentation by Professor Donald POIRIER, PhD, university researcher, co-founder of the CRCHU Medicinal Chemistry platform, member of the endo-nephro axis of the CRCHU of Quebec - ULaval.

About Donald POIRIER :

Professor Donald Poirier has been a professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine (Faculty of Medicine, Université Laval, Québec, Qc) since July 1991 and a researcher at the Research Center of the CHU de Québec (Québec, Qc). Since 2008, he has also been director of the organic synthesis department and co-director of the analytical and medicinal chemistry platform.

Professor Poirier received his basic training in organic chemistry (doctorate at Laval University, 1980-1985) and then specialized in medicinal chemistry and endocrinology (postdoctoral studies at the CHUL Research Center, 1986-1990, CRM scholarship) and more recently in synthesis on solid support of small molecules of therapeutic interest such as steroid derivatives. He is particularly interested in the development of inhibitors of steroidogenesis enzymes (17β-HSDs, steroid sulfatase, CYP1B1) and antitumor agents for the treatment of different cancers (breast, prostate, ovarian, pancreas and leukemia).

More information : https://www.crchudequebec.ulaval.ca/recherche/chercheurs/donald-poirier/


“From science to market: 2 examples of health innovations in Quebec”

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Lieu : Amphi du CRCEO (6 rue McMahon - Vieux-Québec)

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