Dr. Paul Alexandre (e-mail)

Dr. Hamid Mumin (e-mail)

Conference Administrator

Rebecca Alexandre (e-mail)

Science Committee

Dr. Lee Groat, Co-Chair

Dr. Rajeev Nair, Chair, GAC Science Committee

Dr. Hamid Mumin, Co-Chair

Field Trips Chair

Dr. Chris Couëslan

Workshop Co-ordinators

Dr. Chris Couëslan

Dr. Hamid Mumin

Volunteers Coordinator

Lauro Roberto De Jesus Rosa

10th International Symposium on Granitic Pegmatites Committee

Dr. Tania Martins, Chair

Dr. Lee Groat

Dr. Encarnacion Roda-Robles

Dr. Alexandre Lima

MAC Committee

Dr. Dan Marshall

Dr. Fred Ford

Ms. Johanne Caron

Ms. Cathy Nadjiwon

GAC Committee

Dr. Alwynne Beaudoin, Chair

Dr. Deanne Van Rooyen, Finance and Registration

Dr. Nikole Bingham-Koslowski

Dr. Rajeev Nair, Chair, GAC Science Committee

Ms. Karen Dawe

Logistics and Exhibitors

Dr. Paul Alexandre


Dr. Hamid Mumin

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