Partnership for the Organization of Innovation and New Technologies (4POINT0)

Created in 2011 as the Partnership on Opening Innovation in New Technologies (POINT), the partnership evolved into the Partnership for the Organization of Innovation and New Technologies (4POINT0) in 2017. The team brings together professors from Canadian, American, French, Italian and English universities, in addition to partners from different backgrounds: governments, private companies, innovation intermediaries, associations, etc.

As a result of preliminary meetings and research, 4POINT0 identified challenges relating to Canada’s innovation ecosystems, and intends to answer the following question: How can Canada benefit from its strength in science and technology, build dynamic innovation ecosystems to keep abreast of these disruptive technologies and hence contribute to innovation and strong economic development?

We answer this question collaboratively with teams of researchers, practitioners and partners from universities, industry, innovation intermediaries and government. By rallying their expertise and our partners’ needs, 4POINT0 aims to devise what new adapted public policies, innovation support mechanisms and collaborative processes and practices are needed to improve Canada’s innovation performance. Our research projects therefore focus on key Canadian innovation ecosystems


Funding for 4POINT0 is provided by the following organizations
  • FCI
  • Polytechnique Montreal
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