Tools and templates

Download the following documents to get the official IRCM and Science POP fonts and graphic guidelines, as well as the templates you should use for your presentation slides. In that regard, please note that it is possible to use a model of your own making if your wish, as long as it follows the color code of the three Science POP challenges (see graphic guidelines).

The Information about challenges document states the rules of the competition (p. 30-36) and contains examples and ressources to inspire you as you prepare your presentation. Make sure to read it thoroughly!

Scoring rubrics

Presentations given at Science POP internal competitions and at the provincial final will all be evaluated on the same criteria, which you will find in the scoring rubrics below:

Training workshops

Workshops specific to each challenge will be offered to all Science POP candidates.

Workshop by Viviane Lalande, March 28 @ 10 a.m. (duration: 2h)

Workshop by Agent Majeur, March 17 @ 9 a.m. (duration: 3h30)

Workshop by Chris Graham, March 20 @ 1 p.m. (duration: 2h)

Training workshops


- All workshops will be virtual, free and offerend in French and English, at different dates. The instructor will not necessarily be the same from one language to another. Click on 'FR' in the upper-right corner of this page to see the workshops offered in French.

- The procedure to sign up will be forwarded by email to all challenge candidates.

- Places are limited: priority will be given to candidates of the associated challenge.

IRCM Competition Prizes

Candidates of a challenge at the IRCM's internal Science POP competition are eligible to win the following prizes:

1st place - Best presentation
600$ in cash + access to the 2023 Science POP Provincial Final

2nd place - Runner-up
300$ in cash

People's Choice
100$ in cash

IRCM Competition Prizes


- Only one (1) person (or team of two (2), if applicable, in the case of the Mobilization Challenge) can win the 1st place prize and thus be selected to participate in the 2023 Science POP Provincial Final. No ties are possible.

- If the 1st place winner or winning team cannot participate in the 2023 Science POP Provincial Final (scheduled on May 27-28 at the IRCM), they must inform the Science POP coordinator, Sara Marullo (, before April 24. The runner-up would then gain access to the final competition.

- If a team is selected for a prize (1st place, 2nd place or People's Choice) for the Mobilization Challenge, the monetary value will be split evenly.

- In the event of a tie for the 2nd place or the People's Choice of a challenge, the monetary value will be split evenly.

- As it is not awarded by the jury but by the public via confidential votes, it may happen that the People's Choice prize is awarded to candidates also selected for a 1st place or 2nd place prize. The monetary values would then be combined.

- Registration to the event is mandatory to be able to vote for the People's Choice prize. Candidates of a given challenge are excluded from the process for this specific challenge.

Provincial Final Prizes

1st place - Grand Prize
Awarded by the Chief Scientist of Quebec
1000$ in cash + choice of internship in scientific communication

2nd place
500$ in cash + choice of internship in scientific communication

People's Choice
250$ in cash

Provincial Final Prizes
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