Abstract submission guide

250 word limit

1 Figure or table can be used but must be succinct, clear information that does not replicate that found in the text.

To be accepted to submit a poster the project must;

- Taken place in University Hospitals Sussex or affiliated universities.

Abstract contents

The following sections are recommended for inclusion but are not mandated. They will form the basis for judging posters.


Please provide title in dedicated submission box as this will be viewable on the website.

The Problem (background)

  • Describe the problem in basic terms and its impact
  • Describe how you gained understanding of the problem. You can include key baseline data, literature, root cause analysis and other tools.


  • Broader long term aims (goals)
  • Specific aims which are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-orientated)
  • State the timeframe for your project

Intervention (ideas of change/countermeasures)

  • How was the intervention chosen
  • What intervention or interventions were used

Data collection

  • What data was collected. How did you measure the effects of change


  • Provide brief summary of what you found and the effects of your interventions


  • What was the overall impact of your project to your department/wider system.
  • What were the problems encountered
  • What future work needs to happen


  • Not necessary to include references in abstract. This can be done on posters in references section.

Poster submission guide

  • A template has been provide below which includes all sections to include. Applicants can choose to use their own design if formatted as following;
  • A1 size portrait or landscape
  • Minimum size 20 font
  • Up to total of 2 figures or tables
  • Please save and submit your poster in PDF format only.
  • Clearly state the timeframe of the project and which department and hospital the project took place in.
  • Please avoid abbreviations where possible. Spelling and clear language will form part of judging criteria.

Poster template

The following powerpoint template can be downloaded and edited. When submitting please save as PDF file.

Poster Sections to include

(Suggested contents for each section in italics. These are not mandated but demonstration of these will be considered during judging).


Authors (full names) and affiliations


  • Give an outline of the problem and its clinical impact.
  • Show any (baseline) data which demonstrates the original problem.
  • Is there any literature or best practice?
  • Were any tools used to better understand the problem. E.g. process mapping, driver diagrams, fishbone diagram, 5 why's, Stakeholder analysis.


  • What were the goals of the project- (e.g. long term aspirations)
  • What were the specific aims or targets. Were these SMART? (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based)
  • When did the project start, finish and is it ongoing?

Improvement Ideas

  • Otherwise called 'countermeasures' or 'interventions'.
  • What potential interventions were identified
  • Which of these were selected and why


  • Display any 'tests of change' or 'PDSA (plan-do-study-act)' cycles.
  • How was the change measured?


  • What is learned from this project
  • Have systems or standard practice changed as a result
  • Is there future work planned.


  • Use Harvard style referencing
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