• WISE Symposium Organiser:
    Dr Rajesh S. Ransing, Associate Editor, HFF; Secretary, NCAF; Past RAEng Industry Fellow.
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Swansea University, Bay Campus, Swansea, UK.

    WISE Symposium Assistant Editor:
    Dr Meghana Ransing, Treasurer, NCAF, Swansea, UK.

  • Founding NCAF-HFF Contributors:
    Professor Roland W. Lewis, Editor-in-Chief, HFF; Swansea University, UK.
    Professor Ian Nabney, Chairman, NCAF; Bristol University, UK.
    Professor Rubén Sevilla, Swansea University, UK.

    Emerald Publishing Editor:
    Ms Summer Wang, Publishing Editor, HFF, China.

  • International Organising Committee:
    Professor Renato Cotta, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Professor Mehrdad T. Manzari, Sharif University of Technology, Iran.
    Professor Raed Batbooti, Southern Technical University, Iraq.
    Dr Meshari A. Al-Ebrahim, State Audit Bureau (SAB), Kuwait.

    Professor Uday S. Dixit, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India.
    Mr Sham Arjunwadkar, The Institute of Indian Foundrymen, India.
    Professor Tanmay Basak, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India.
    Professor H.P. Rani, National Institute of Technology Warangal, India.

    Professor Nazri B.M. Nawi, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Malaysia.

    Professor Grace Kanakana-Katumba, TUT University, South Africa.
    Professor Arnaud Malan, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

    Professor Ken Meissener, University of Texas at El-Paso, USA.
    Professor Rainald Lohner, George Mason University, USA.

    Professor Sondipon Adhikari, Glasgow University, UK.
    Professor Jyoti Sinha, Manchester University, UK.
    Professor Perumal Nithiarasu, Swansea University, UK.
    Professor Cinzia Giannetti, Swansea University, UK.

  • Global Translational Research Advisory Board:

If you are passionate about translational research and have a presence on GitHub or have engaged in research-based spin-out ventures, we eagerly await your participation on this board.