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  • 8:30 AM


    8:30 AM - 12:00 PM MDT
    Max Bell Auditorium

    Symposium – “Novel Insights Channel transport”

    Filip Van Petegem, University of British Columbia, “Channelopathies at high resolution: a structural investigation of ion channels and their auxiliary proteins involved in muscle excitation-contraction coupling” (9:00-9:30 AM) Leigh Anne Swayne, University of Victoria, “Pannexin 1 proteostasis in neural development and disease” (9:30-10:00 AM) Poster 20 - Tautvydas Paskevicius, University of Alberta, “Calnexin and Fabp5 complex in the blood-brain barrier” (10:00-10:10 AM) Coffee Break & Meet the Speakers (10:10-10:40 AM) Marc Kschonsak, Genentech, “Structure of the NALCN channelosome reveals an unexpected architecture, insights into its disease mutations and gating” (10:40 – 11:10 AM) Poster 47 - Rikard Blunck, Université de Montréal, “Towards predicting the outcome of disease-related genetic variants” (11:10 – 11:20 AM) Poster 36 - Damayantee Das, University of Alberta, “Competition between Slc7a5 and LMAN2 for modulation of Kv1.2 gating” (11:20 – 11:30 AM) Poster 33 - Britany Rufenach, University of British Columbia, “Structure and function of STAC proteins: Calcium channel modulators and critical components of muscle excitation–contraction coupling” (11:30 – 11:40 AM)

    1:00 PM


    1:00 PM - 4:00 PM MDT

    free afternoon

    3:00 PM


    3:00 PM - 4:00 PM MDT

    CSMB Meet and Greet -CSMB, What's in it for me?

    Shaping your society in the age of the molecular life sciences

    4:00 PM


    4:00 PM - 5:00 PM MDT
    Max Bell

    “CIHR Programs”: Dr. Christian Baron. (4:00-5:00 PM)

    Discussion with CIHR’s new VP of Programs , Dr. Christian Baron. (4:00-5:00 PM)

    6:00 PM


    6:00 PM - 7:00 PM MDT

    Keynote speaker: Dr. Nieng Yan, Princeton University

    "Targeting Nav and Cav channels for pain relief"

    8:00 PM


    8:00 PM - 11:00 PM MDT

    CSMB Banquet

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