MAR55-Shipping and Transportation in the Arctic

Dec 8th
18:30 - 19:45

Marine shipping throughout the Arctic is increasing, especially as reductions in sea ice make many areas more accessible, growing communities rely on ships for resupply, commercial ships travel for resource extraction and fishing, and the Arctic continues to rapidly become a destination for tourists. This increase in shipping traffic poses potential risks and benefits to the Arctic region. Mitigation of impacts on the marine and terrestrial environment and on communities living in the North is required, and conversations need to be held gathering perspectives from Inuit and northerners, academics, industry professionals, ship operators, government researchers, and policy makers to develop a shipping industry that works for all. We aim for this session to encourage critical discussion on the state of marine shipping and transportation in the Arctic, potential impacts and future policy directions, and welcome abstracts from a broad range of topics.


Jean Holloway, University of Ottawa
Nicolien van Luijk, Memorial University

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