How to Conduct Respectful and Reciprocal Northern Research

Dec 5th
15:30 - 16:30

Early career researchers (ECRs) have a heightened desire to conduct research in a collaborative and interdisciplinary manner and to prioritize northern communities in both the execution of research and the dissemination of results. Shifting the research paradigm requires the development of a wide range of skills (e.g., cross-cultural engagement and outreach, ethics, communication), which are often gained beyond the traditional academic curricula. Many ECRs are uncertain of how to proceed as they receive little or no formal training/mentoring on conducting community-collaborative research. ECR panelists will discuss their experiences and share their perspectives on 1) the tools necessary to improve fieldwork preparation and research practices and 2) how to train the future generation of researchers. The plenary will examine the toolbox needed for ECRs to conduct ethical, culturally sensitive, and collaborative research. This panel will be moderated by APECS Canada board members.

Speakers: Enooyaq Sudlovenick, Beth Hudson, Marianne Falardeau, Stéphanie Woodworth, Charles Jourdain Bonneau

Moderators: Geneviève Degré-Timmons, Tia Anderlini, Danielle Hallé

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