Meeting schedule


Epi/Clin Clinical and epidemiological aspects in relation to vaccination

Biol/Pat Bordetella biology and pathogenesis in animals and humans

Imm/Vac Immunology and vaccines

Evol/Gen Evolution and genomics

Struc/Tox Virulence factors structure - function


Monday 24th June, 2024

PERISCOPE What did we learn under the PERISCOPE project

Opening Keynote lectures

Welcome reception

Tuesday 25th June, 2024

Epi/Clin I Post-COVID pertussis and other Bordetella disease trends

Epi/Clin II Epidemiology

Biol/Path I Baboon and Human Volunteer Challenge Model studies

Imm/Vac I Immune mechanisms and vaccines

Wednesday 26th June, 2024

Biol/Path II Biology and pathogenesis

Imm/Vac II Immune mechanisms and vaccines II

Evol/Gen Evolution and genomics

Epi/Clin III Post-COVID pertussis and other Bordetella disease trends

Thursday 27th June, 2024

Struc/Tox Virulence factor structure-function

Biol/Path III Biology and pathogenesis

Imm/Vac III Immune mechanisms and vaccines III

Career development and IBS International Bordetella Society Townhall

Friday 28th June, 2024

Biol/Path IV Biology and pathogenesis - keynote

Epi/Clin IV Vaccination impact modeling

Imm/Vac IV Vaccine Industry Roundtable + NIAID Resources