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    11:00 - 11:40 EDT
    Salle Hydro-Québec
      La diversité des parcours professionnels/ Diversity in career paths (1/3)

    Conference from Nicolas Fontaine

    Nicolas Fontaine, Member of the technical staff, Nokia Bells Labs Title: Optical Communications using Space-Division Multiplexing and fiber sensing Abstract: Experimental demonstrations of SDM have included transmission of 55 spatial modes, 19 core coupled core fiber, and numerous other uncoupled fibers. Using these modes requires new spatial multiplexing technologies such as photonic lanterns, 3-D waveguides, multiplane light conversion. Modes tend to mix and scramble as they propagate long distances which requires powerful digital signal processing or new optical techniques to undo mode mixing, much like adaptive optics corrects for aberrations in the atmosphere. Some of our experiments have used real-time DSP to undo scrambling. From the DSP, we can learn how the environment affects the modes of the fibers. Finally, I will describe some of our work in using deployed fibers to sense the environment. Biography: Nicolas K. Fontaine received the Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of California, Davis, CA, USA, in 2010. In his dissertation, completed while working in the Next Generation Network Systems Laboratory, he studied how to generate and measure the amplitude and phase of broadband optical waveforms in many narrowband spectral slices. Since June 2011, he has been a Technical Staff Member with the Advanced Photonics Division, Bell Laboratories, Crawford Hill, NJ, USA. At Bell Laboratories, he develops devices for space-division multiplexing in multicore and few-mode fibers, builds wavelength cross-connects and filtering devices, and investigates spectral slice coherent receivers for THz bandwidth. He is a an Optica Fellow and associate editor of Optics Express. Dr. Fontaine is the author or co-author of more than 500 publications and 25 patents. He is an avid jazz pianist and enjoys hiking or skiing through the mountains wherever he can find them (certainly not in New Jersey).



    14:15 - 14:35 EDT
    Salle Hydro-Québec
      La diversité des perspectives/ Diversity of perspectives (4/4)

    Conference from Stefania Sciara

    Stefania Sciara, Postdoctoral fellow in the team of Roberto Morandotti, INRS Title: “My studies at INRS-EMT: from fundamental quantum optics to its application for quantum secure communication technologies” Summary: Stefania Sciara dedicated her doctoral studies to the theoretical investigation of complex entangled photon states, specifically focusing on high-dimensional frequency entangled photon pairs and photonic cluster states simultaneously entangled in time and frequency. She explored and derived a theoretical approach enabling the characterization of complex entanglement through experimentally feasible techniques, which means, through easily implementable single-photon projection measurements. The target of her doctoral studies was in fact to boost the use of complex entangled photon states for a variety of practical quantum applications, ranging from quantum communications to quantum computing. For this reason, she based her theory by considering realistic scenarios that can occur in experiments, such as device imperfections. Her work, combined with the experiments performed by the other team members, resulted in the publications Nature 546, 622-626 (2017), Nature Physics 15, 148-153 (2018), and Physical Review Letters 122, 120501 (2019). In continuity with and motivated by this research, Stefania has continued her career as a postdoctoral fellow at INRS-EMT by also gaining experimental skills. She has been focusing on the experimental implementation of quantum communication and cryptography protocols, such as entanglement propagation and quantum key distribution, based on high-dimensional time-entangled photon states. This works is part of a Mitacs Elevate Thematic two-year fellowship in Quantum science that Stefania received in June 2022, in collaboration with the company Ki3 Photonics Technologies.



    2 parallel sessions
    14:45 - 15:45 EDT
    Espace Jardins
      Atelier pour les membres des milieux académiques et industriels/ Workshop for members of academia and industry

    EDI Workshop - Welcome and Inclusion of Students and Employees

    Title: Welcoming and including international students and employees: a shared responsibility. By Suzie Yeo, URELLES About the trainer: Suzie Yeo has been driven by issues of inclusion and diversity since childhood. Even as a young child, she wanted to help create more solidarity and justice for people from underrepresented groups. She is passionate about human relations and has several university degrees in the fields of education, adult education in the workplace, intercultural cooperation, psychosocial intervention and intervention in multi-ethnic environments. With a heart for cultural rapprochement and healthy relationships in diverse environments, she founded Autrement d'ici, whose mission is to develop the intercultural competencies of Quebec‧le‧s professionals and citizens‧es from various sectors. Suzie is not only driven by an inclusive vision of tomorrow's world by leading Autrement d'ici, but she is also involved in her community to foster reflection and openness towards people from ethnocultural and First Nations diversity.

    14:45 - 15:45 EDT
    Salle Hydro-Québec
      Atelier pour les membres étudiants/ Workshop for student members

    Workshop discussion - Best practices - provincial student network

    Best practices in the establishment of a pan-Quebec student group in photonic optics Panel discussion dedicated to the student members of the COPL. Moderated by Madison Rilling, Executive Director at Optonique. The three student committee leaders of INTRIQ ( Sophie Berthelette), RQMP ( Gabriel Demontigny) and REPOL ( Alexandre Ouellet) will discuss their experience and share their vision of a Quebec student group affiliated with COPL.

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