The Louise and Alan Edwards Foundation invites members of the Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain (AECRP) to submit applications for funding research on pain. Grants are funded up to $70,000 each, for one year.

Types of Awards:

  • Start-up grants to help investigators initiate new projects and collect pilot data in order to submit larger grants to other agencies
  • Bridging grants to help investigators advance ongoing projects during this difficult funding period
  • Team Infrastructure that would cover new personnel and equipment to be used by more than one lab, thereby increasing collaboration between laboratories within the AECRP

Goals of program:

The Louise and Alan Edwards Foundation promotes clinical and basic science research in chronic pain at the AECRP (on campus and at affiliated hopsitals). Its Grants in Pain Research program aims to stimulate clinical and clinically-relevant pain research amongst the McGill, MUHC, and Montreal communities in particular, and throughout Quebec in general (although the application’s PI must be a full member of the AECRP). The Foundation supports all areas of clinical and basic pain research, but its primary focus is on research that will have an impact on the clinical care of pain patients. The Foundation hopes that its Research Grants will encourage innovative work (e.g. pilot projects) that will pave the way for more extensive research programs funded by other sources (e.g., CIHR, NIH).

The Foundation is especially interested in supporting young researchers and researchers who have recently developed an interest in pain.

Should ethics approval be required, the Foundation requires that an application be submitted within 3 months of the start date of the research grant.

The application package must contain:

  1. A proposal of up to three single-spaced pages plus one page of work-cited describing the research hypothesis, methods, experimental plan and significance, including how it will advance the field and/or the career development of trainees supported by the project.
  2. A 2-page CV, highlighting relevant information
  3. A one-page budget and a summary of other funding. In cases of overlap with other funds, a clear explanation of the value-added by this award must be provided. Budgets can include salary for trainees, research associates or equivalent, materials and supplies. PI salaries are not eligible.

Please note: A single consolidated PDF file in ENGLISH only, with a maximum of 7 pages, is to be uploaded to this site via the Submission page. Applications exceeding these requirements will not be considered.

Grant policies:

  • Principal Investigators (PIs) must be a full member of the AECRP.
  • PIs may only hold one grant from this program at a time.
  • A PI who is successful in last year’s competition may not apply to the current competition.
  • Preference will be accorded to research, basic or clinical, that The Foundation believes will lead to improved clinical care.
  • Preference will be given to applications involving young researchers and researchers who have recently developed an interest in pain.
  • No funds will be given to support a PI’s salary.
  • Grant applications will be reviewed by an external peer-review committee.
  • A final report of grant-related activities must be submitted at the end of the granting period.
  • Acknowledgement of The Foundation must be given in all publications and posters related to this project.
  • The Foundation expects any Principal Investigator to withdraw from competition and notify The Foundation if they become the beneficiary of alternate funding before the announcement date.

Call for Submissions: January 15, 2024
Deadline to Submit: March 18, 2024
Decision and Notification: June 2024
Earliest possible start of awards: September 01, 2024

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