November 17-19, 2023

N2 Conference – The Noosphere at 100: The Future of Human Collective Consciousness

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Beyond the Individual

N2 is an international, interdisciplinary conference fostering creative collaboration for intentionally and ethically steering the future evolution of global consciousness.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the identification of the noosphere, “N2” signals the exponential pace of the evolution of the noosphere and the reality that the next century will far exceed the last in rapid and radical change to the global mind.

“N2” also suggests how the noosphere amplifies our access to human understanding - beyond the individual “n of 1.”

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Beyond the Individual

Featured Invited Speakers

  • Phillip Beesley

    Phillip Beesley

    Architect and Installation Artist, University of Waterloo

  • Shima Beigi

    Shima Beigi

    CEO and Founder of Triple AI Therapeutics for Mindful Smart Cities and Senior Scientist at Human Energy

  • Johan Bollen

    Johan Bollen

    Professor of Informatics and Cognitive Science, Indiana University Bloomington

  • Anne Clin

    Anne Clin

    Wikipedia editor and administrator (as "Risker")

  • John Cressler

    John Cressler

    Electrical and Computer Engineer, and Author, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Terrence Deacon

    Terrence Deacon

    Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley and Chair of Human Energy Science Steering Committee

  • Ilia Delio

    Ilia Delio

    Theologian, Villanova University, Doctorate in Pharmacology, Founder and CEO of the Center for Christogenesis

  • Zann Gill

    Zann Gill

    A founder of GAIL (Generative AI Lab & Library). Former Research Scientist/ Program Developer at NASA.

  • Ben Goertzel

    Ben Goertzel

    Cognitive Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Researcher, CEO and Founder of SingularityNET

  • John Haught

    John Haught

    Theologian, Georgetown University

  • Francis Heylighen

    Francis Heylighen

    Director of Center Leo Apostel at Free University of Brussels, Human Energy Science Steering Committee

  • Sheila Hassell Hughes

    Sheila Hassell Hughes

    Professor of English and former Dean of Liberal Arts at Saint Mary’s College of California

  • Kevin Kelly

    Kevin Kelly

    Founding Executive Editor of Wired Magazine, Former Editor and Publisher of the Whole Earth Review, and Author

  • Robert Lawrence Kuhn

    Robert Lawrence Kuhn

    Public Intellectual, Author, and International Corporate Strategist; Creator, Writer and Host of Closer To Truth (PBS),

  • Jaron Lanier

    Jaron Lanier

    Computer Scientist, Futurist, Visual Artist and Composer

  • Elizabeth Lee

    Elizabeth Lee

    Vice President for Programs and Development at CyArk

  • Wolfgang Leidhold

    Wolfgang Leidhold

    Political Scientist, Philosopher and Artist, University of Cologne

  • Marta Lenartowicz

    Marta Lenartowicz

    Cognitive-social scientist, Senior researcher at Centre Leo Apostel of the Free University of Brussels (CLEA-VUB), Contributor to Human Energy

  • Raphael Liogier

    Raphael Liogier

    Scientific Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies and holder of the Transitions Chair at UM6P (Morocco)

  • Jennifer Morgan

    Jennifer Morgan

    President and founder of the Deeptime Network, award-winning author, storyteller, and educator

  • Michael Pirson

    Michael Pirson

    Professor of Global Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurship at Fordham University, Consultant to Human Energy

  • Ellen Rigsby

    Ellen Rigsby

    Professor of Communication, Saint Mary's College of California

  • Louis Savary

    Louis Savary

    Former Jesuit, Author, and Expert on the Spirituality of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

  • Gregory Stock

    Gregory Stock

    CEO of Socratic Sciences, Author of Metaman, and Consultant to Human Energy

  • Brian Thomas Swimme

    Brian Thomas Swimme

    Professor of Evolutionary Cosmology California Institute of Integral Studies and Chair of Human Energy Dissemination Steering Committee

  • Clément Vidal

    Clément Vidal

    Author and Philosopher, Free University of Brussels and Human Energy

  • David Sloan Wilson

    David Sloan Wilson

    President, Prosocial World and Human Energy Science Steering Committee

Conference Co-Chairs

  • Sheila Hassell Hughes

    Sheila Hassell Hughes

    Professor of English and former Dean of Liberal Arts at Saint Mary’s College of California

  • Terrence Deacon

    Terrence Deacon

    Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley and Chair of Human Energy Science Steering Committee

Key Dates

  • Proposal Submission Deadline: September 15
  • Early-bird Registration Deadline: October 7
  • Registration Deadline: November 1

Major Themes

  • Science & Technology of the Noosphere
  • Philosophy of and Ethics for the Noosphere
  • Global Affairs & the Noosphere
  • Theological & Spiritual Engagement with the Noosphere
  • Dissemination, Representation, and Creative Expression of the Noosphere
  • Education for the Noosphere


  • Major Keynotes: Global Thought Leaders
  • Featured Speakers: Eminent Scientists, Scholars, Thinkers, & Leaders
  • Selected Presentations via Call for Proposals, Plenary and Concurrent Sessions
  • Cocktail Receptions and Opening Banquet
  • Panel Discussions

How to Engage

Conference Partners

  • UC Berkeley Anthropology
  • Boundaries of Humanity
  • Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business
  • Saint Mary’s College of California School of Liberal Arts
  • Center Leo Apostel for Transdisciplinary Research at Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  •  International Humanistic Management Association
  • ProSocial World
  • Center for Christogenesis
  • CyArk
  • Institute for Advanced Studies


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‎Produced By

  • Human Energy


International House at University of California, Berkeley

2299, Piedmont Avenue Berkeley, CA United States, 94720

Registration period

August 6, 2023 - 00:00 until November 1, 2023 - 23:30

Submission period

July 15, 2023 - 00:00 until September 20, 2023 - 23:30

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