August 9, 2023

Summer 2023 Intern Poster Session

The Poster Session highlights the work of interns who have spent a term participating in a research internship at Berkeley Lab, hosted by Workforce Development & Education at Berkeley Lab.

The internships provide the opportunity to work with world-class scientists and engineers on projects related to the Lab’s cutting-edge research programs. The event provides the rare opportunity to bring together examples of the breadth of research conducted at the Lab through the experience of the students taking part in the programs. Interns from the following programs will be presenting: BLUR, BLUR-ABSP, BLUR College of Chemistry, BLUR-NSTP, CCI, EERE, GEM, MSIIP, STEM Core, SULI, and VFP Student.

Summer 2023 Interns:

BLUR-ABSP: Jordan Barriga, Hozhoo Emerson, Hannah Nockideneh, Kai-Se Toledo

BLUR College of Chemistry: Justin Cooper, Nathalie Daoud, Ruby Yen Ho, Jimmy Lao, Ian Lee, Tyler Pollak, Jenai Simons, Emily Yepez

BLUR-NSTP: Elijah Dolz, Patrick Francisco, Israel Galeana, Griffin Rhoads-Albert

CCI: Sean Steven Alcantara, Waleed Alghaithi, Samantha Alonso, Kyle Blanset, Zakaria Bouaddou, Camille Catolos, Johnny Chinchilla Pinto, Lily Seongeun Choi, Amber Collins, Joshua Franklin, Jayce Hottenroth, Sonya Mengel, Enrique Palacios, Megan White, Siyuan Zhai

EERE: Ruby Onsongo

GEM: Lucinda Boyd, Randall Walker

MSIIP: Bryan Alamillo, Brandon Wilson

STEM Core: Charlie Hoang

SULI: Dylan Andrews, Phoebe Andromeda, Soham Atkar, Chaitanya Bashyam, Ella Camp, Kameron Coda, Lizzette Corrales, Ashlin Deatherage, Sharmila Dey, Julia Dreiling, Erica Duffy, Dennis Fang, Albert Gang, Hannah Gates, Marla Goodspeed, Halley Granec, Megan Hur, Andrew Jayasinghe, Angela Kayll, Ifrah Khurram, Savannah Kidd, Andrew Kwon, Jordan Lees, Julian LePelch, Iliana Marrujo, Shaw Miller, Diana Morales, Mia Onodera, Amritha Pallavoor, Alexander Pennacchio, Keshav Ratra, Laura Reed, Alexander Sanchez, Angelina Sardelli, Valerie Smykalov, Meg Takezawa, Kelly Yuguo Tang, Brendan Tuholski

VFP Student: Diana Chu, Raymond Hess, Kairos Logan, Avetis Mishegyan, Savannah Rivera, Ethan Skeens, Ali Zahori

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Workforce Development & Education

Working with our partners both within and outside Berkeley Lab, we promote equal access to scientific and technical careers for students from all backgrounds, support STEM teachers, and build scientific literacy through innovative education programs. We also support educational outreach efforts from Berkeley Lab’s divisions by providing program development assistance, materials, funding, volunteers, project management, marketing, and administrative support. Our mission is to inspire and prepare the next generation of scientists, engineers, technologists, and STEM professionals. We offer a range of programs for undergraduate, postbaccalaureate, graduate students, and faculty. Through these programs, people come to the Lab to participate in research internships, they collaborate and network with Lab STEM professionals, and share their skills and passion for science in the STEM community.
Workforce Development & Education

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