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Q: What is SWiM?

A: The SWiM program is designed to upskill practicing imaging Technologists in resource limited settings to acquire high quality and high value diagnostic images. The program uses a train-the-trainer model to train Technologists who can train others. SWiM is designed to provide practical transferable skills using a case-based learning approach to enhance the knowledge and skills level of working Technologists. As such, the program provides a comprehensive intensive training on a specific topic consisting of a two-week self-paced basic MRI course focused on the topic, a two-week observership live scanning sessions (imageathon) using standard protocol(s) to acquire high quality images covering indications on the topic and a two-week application where trainees will be guided to implement standardized protocol optimized for scanning indications on the topic on their MRI scanner. By attending SWiM, participants will gain full skills and knowledge on how to acquire good quality MR images, optimize protocol to fit their scanner and workflow environment and gain access to a network of technologists to collaborate with and continuously learn from.

Q: What sets it apart from similar training programs and makes it special?

A: SWiM uses a combination of case-based and hands-on learning approaches to train a team of Technologists who will work together as a network to grow their skills and collectively train others.

Q: I am a Medical Imaging Technology student at a university/college. Am I eligible?

A: No. The SWiM program is available to Registered or Licensed Imaging Technologists in Low- and-Middle- Income Countries who are currently practicing at a diagnostic medical imaging center with access to a functional MRI scanner.

Q: What level of MRI experience do I need?

A: A minimum of 12 months of continuous MRI scanning at any diagnostic imaging center/facility.

Q: Do I need a personal computer to participate?

A: Yes. A personal laptop is recommended for your self-paced studies and for optimal participation in live sessions and seminars.

Q: What does it cost to be a student?

A: The SWiM program is completely free of charge for individuals to attend. There are no costs or fees associated with accessing the program or its resources. Participants can take advantage of all the features of the SWiM program without any financial burden.

Q: What timezone will live training events and activities be held?

A: All live training activities will be held in the West Africa Time zone (GMT +1) and made available immediately on the training platform in Fourwaves for viewing to those participating from other farther time zones. The foundation module is self-paced and the course content will be online each week for you to access at the time most convenient for you.

Q: How much time should I commit to this course?

A: The amount of time spent on each module varies depending on the Technologist's prior background knowledge, skill and learning style. Each week of the foundation self-paced module should take no more than 10 hours to complete including weekend tutorials. This equates to 20 hours for the first two weeks of the foundation course. The weekly group assignments in the foundation module should take no more than 1 hour each week to complete as a group. The two-week, imageathon will take a total of 20 hours with 10 hours of seminars and live sessions. Finally, the practicum module will take no more than 16 hours in total for the two weeks to complete, including protocol optimization, scanning and reporting (case report).

Q: What are group assignments/projects?

A: Participants from different institutions, geographic areas, and skill levels will be put into groups where they will collaborate to learn together, network, complete weekly exercises or assignments and develop a case report.

Q: Will participants receive a certificate of completion?

A: Yes. At the end of the program, every participant will receive a certificate of completion (COC).

Q: I have more questions about the Program. Who do I contact?

A: For any additional inquiries, please feel free to send us an email at info.camera.mri@gmail.com.

Program Expectations and Code of Conduct:

The SWiM program is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience and safe environment for all, regardless of race, cultural affiliation, gender, nationality, beliefs, age, or disability. Indecent imagery is not appropriate at any of the Academy’s events including virtual and in-person events.

All attendees, speakers, and volunteers are expected to comply with this code of conduct and violations of its standards may result in dismissal from participating in events, at the discretion of the SWiM Program Coordinators. Upholding the standards of behavior is mandatory to maintain SWiM’s integrity and create a positive environment.

Expected behaviour

All attendees, speakers, and volunteers at SWiM events must:

  1. Behave professionally and responsibly towards each other, both in-person and online, during all formal and informal social activities, regardless of location.
  2. Respect each other and avoid making judgments based on race, gender, nationality, beliefs, age, or disability.
  3. Refrain from any form of harassment, bullying, or discrimination towards fellow participants.
  4. Maintain confidentiality of any sensitive information shared during events.
  5. Avoid engaging in any illegal or unethical behavior.
  6. Avoid behaving in a manner that is disruptive or disrespectful towards other participants, training staff, or the event itself.
  7. Avoid using language that is inappropriate, disrespectful, or offensive towards other participants, training staff, or the event itself.
  8. Avoid engaging in any behavior that may pose a threat to the safety or security of other participants, training staff, or the event itself.

All participants are expected to:

  1. Be active team players.
  2. Participate in all program activities
  3. Complete all reading and lecture materials, assignments, milestones and deliverables.
  4. Behave professionally and responsibly towards everyone during all formal and informal activities, regardless of session.

Recording Policy: Online events may be recorded or live streamed, but only with express written permission from SWiM and the authors/owners of the content. Any unauthorized recordings will violate ethical and legal standards.

Reporting Process: To report any concerns regarding the violation of the aforementioned guidelines, please email the SWiM program coordinators at info.camera.mri@gmail.com.

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