Train Experts, Optimize Infrastructure, and Create Networks to Build Sustainable Diagnostic Imaging Capacity

SWiM (Scan With Me) is dedicated to empowering imaging technologists in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) to develop optimal and best practices in diagnostic imaging to provide high value care and bridge the gap in medical imaging disparity between LMICs and the rest of the world. As one of the training programs of the Consortium for Advancement of MRI Education and Research in Africa (CAMERA), SWiM aims to create a network of imaging experts equipped with the knowledge to collectively train others.


Our vision is to revolutionize medical diagnostics in resource-limited settings by increasing local capacity in medical imaging through specialized courses tailored to practicing MRI technologists. We believe that by training a critical mass of MRI technologists from various institutions and geographic locations where they work, we can equip them with the knowledge to spread on to their colleagues, and elevate healthcare standards in LMICs.



Our mission is to provide comprehensive MRI education to practicing MRI technologists to enable them to excel (swim ahead) in their local settings. We are dedicated to inspiring local communities to optimize their imaging infrastructure and provide the best possible care by providing technologists with the tools and resources to acquire high quality images. By integrating networking in our training approach, we are providing technologists from all over the world a collaborative environment and culture to grow and become exceptional imaging experts in LMICs.

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Capacity Building

In keeping with CAMERA’s training model, SWiM will use a combination of case-based and hands-on learning approaches to train a team of technologists who will work together as a network to grow their skills and collectively train others. To achieve our mission, we provide a training program that implements the RAD-AID’s Teach-Try-Use approach, implemented in CAMERA’s SPARK AI training program, that takes trainees through three learning blocks to successfully train-the-trainers and create the critical mass of imaging experts in LMICs.

The first module is a virtual self-paced two weeks foundational course (Teach) on principles and applications of MRI focused on a use case. The second module is a two-week hybrid (in-person + virtual) Image-athon Observership (Try) consisting of live scan demonstrations and protocol optimization to provide hands-on experience. The final module consists of a two-week guided practicum (Use) for rapid translation and implementation of optimized protocols for local use cases.

Each SWiM Program is aimed at providing best practices of MRI acquisition of real-world use cases in resource constrained settings in LMICs. This first program will focus on cardiac MRI (CMR) and will train 15 MRI technologists from 6 imaging centers in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America to acquire high quality and best value CMR including emerging advanced non-contrast enhanced techniques.

What We Believe

At SWiM, we believe that education and collaboration are key to advancing the field of medical imaging and developing innovative solutions for medical diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. We are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment that encourages growth and development of high value imaging care across resource limited settings.

What We Believe

Join Our Community

Join us on this exciting journey and become a part of the SWiM community at CAMERA. Together, we can make a positive impact on the future of healthcare. Please feel free to send us an email to start a discussion. We would be happy to hear from you and explore potential opportunities for collaboration. Contact us at

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