1. Teach: Two-week Virtual Foundation Course (August 22nd to September 2nd, 2023) - 20 hrs

Learn the basics. Engage in a two-week self-paced online learning experience supported by live tutorials on Saturdays to discover fundamentals in MR imaging and image analysis relevant to the use case (i.e, for pilot session CMR). This module is designed to comprehensively teach concepts of the topic over a 16-hour period and supported by 3hr weekend tutorials .

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2. Try: Two-Week Hybrid Image-athon Observership (September 5th to September 16th, 2023) - 20 hrs

Scan with an expert. Join a team of technologists for a two-week hybrid image-athon where we observe live demos and try out our hands on acquiring high quality images, analyze images, and explore advanced MRI techniques. Engage in daily seminars, networking opportunities, and team building capstone projects. The seminars will use a case-based learning structure to provide conceptual information on the topic, focusing on image quality and the role of MR for the indication. The format is 1st 30 min didactic and next 30 min case series and Q&A. The capstone projects will enable the team to work together to address one goal (e.g. optimize protocols or work on case reports). This module is designed to accommodate the work schedule of LMIC technologists and provide relevant practical observerships.

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3. Use: Two-week Practicum (September 26th to October 7th 2023) - 20 hrs

Scan as an expert. Apply skills gained during the foundation and observership modules and to scan 1-2 volunteers or patients on your scanner. Here, teams will work together to implement the imaging protocol they reviewed for their capstone project on their scanner and present their case report.

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