Travelling to the UArctic Assembly

Université Laval is located in Quebec City, which is easily accessible by plane, train, bus or car.

Directions to Pavillion Alphonse Desjardins, at Université Laval.

While in Québec City, the best way to travel between the downtown hotels and Université Laval is by city bus. The RTC routes 801 and 800 stop directly in front of the meeting venue, Pavillon Alphonse Desjardins.

Travelling to the UArctic Assembly

By Air

The Jean Lesage international airport (YQB) (505, Rue Principale, G2G 0J4) offers direct flights from Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Chicago, Philadelphia, Newark and Paris. Other centres are serviced by corresponding flights through these cities. The airport is located around 15 km from Québec City’s downtown area. It is easy to get to by public transit and taxi.

RTC public transit: Departures every 30 minutes, every day. $3.50 per ride (exact change).
Route 76 connects the airport to the bus and train stations in Sainte-Foy with connections available to downtown and Old Québec.
Route 80 connects the airport to Québec City downtown (Saint-Roch neighbourhood), with connections available to Old Québec and the Convention Centre.

Taxi rates:

From YQB to downtown Québec City : $41.40 (05h00-23h00); $47.50 (23h00-05h00)

From YQB to Sainte Foy (University area) : $18.15 (05h00-23h00); $20.85 (23h00-05h00)

The Montreal-Trudeau airport (YUL), located in Dorval, Quebec, offers direct flights from a most major cities. The airport is a three hour drive from Quebec City, but is easily accessible by bus, train or domestic flights as well.

By Air

By Rail

Via Rail Canada provides train travel from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and other Canadian cities.

All trains serve the two stations in Québec City. It’s a matter of choosing which station best suits your travel needs:

The Gare du Palais (450, Rue de la Gare du Palais, G1K 3X2) train station is situated in Old Québec in Lower Town. Many visitors staying in the Old Québec area find it easy to actually walk to the train station. You can also take RTC routes 800 or 1.

The Gare de Sainte-Foy (3255, Chemin de la Gare, G1W 3A8) train station is a five-minute taxi ride from hotels in the area (Boulevard Laurier and Avenue des Hôtels). RTC route 76 also connects to downtown and Université Laval. Departures every 30 minutes, every day.

Amtrak provides train travel from the Eastern USA to Montreal (further bus, train, or car travel required to reach Quebec City).

By Rail

By Bus

Orleans Express offers bus service from Montreal and other cities.

All intercity buses serve Québec City’s two bus terminals. Like with the train stations, it’s a matter of choosing which terminal best suits your travel needs:

Gare du Palais Bus Terminal (320, Rue Abraham Martin, G1K 3X2): This terminal is located in the same building as the train station (Old Québec). It is within easy walking distance of many Old Québec accommodations, but you can also take city bus RTC routes 800 or 801. Université Laval can be also reached by city bus

Sainte-Foy Bus Terminal (3001, Chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, G1V 5A6) is located 2.5 km (1.5 mi) from University Laval. Travel to downtown or ULaval from this terminal is easy via RTC routes 800 and 801.

Buses in Québec City

The bus system in Québec City is run by the Reseau de Transport de la Capitale (RTC). Single ride tickets are $3.25 and can be paid in exact change or ticket when embarking on the bus. A better option is to purchase a multiple trip pass. Tickets and passes can be purchased at corner stores and many other locations around the city, including the meeting venue.

By Bus

Taxi Service

Taxis in Quebec City can be identified by the sign on their roofs. There are several companies serving the greater Quebec city area.

Taxi Coop Québec 418-525-5191

Taxi Coop Sainte-Foy-Sillery 418-653-7777

Taxi Laurier 418-651-2727


Taxi Service

By Car

You can reach Quebec City along the south shore of the St Lawrence River by Highway 20 (autoroute Jean-Lesage) or by Highway 40 (autoroute Félix-Leclerc), which runs along the north shore of the river.

Université Laval is located in the Sainte-Foy-Sillery borough of Quebec City.

Important rules for driving in Quebec

Road signs: All roads signs are in French, but international symbols are used

Cell phone use: It is illegal in the province of Quebec to hold a cell phone while driving. You can, however, use your phone hands-free through a Bluetooth device.

Driver’s license: If you are driving to Quebec City, but you are not Canadian, you need to have a valid driver’s license in your home country. If you are planning to drive in Quebec for six consecutive months or more then you must have an international driver’s permit.

All passengers must wear a seatbelt: This is a law that carries a fine if you are pulled over by police.

Move-Over Law: In the province of Quebec it is mandatory for drivers to move over as far as possible or stop when emergency vehicles are present and display flashing lights/arrow.

By Car


Parking in Québec City:

Most downtown/Old Québec and surrounding streets have automatic pay stations or allow to park a vehicle for a limited period of time.

Automatic pay stations: Unless otherwise indicated, automatic pay stations are in operation Monday through Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. as well as on Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Parking in front of a defective or covered automatic pay station is prohibited.

A free mobile application is available to help you find an open parking space in real time including a secure payment feature.

Copilote mobile application on Google Play

Copilote mobile application at the App Store

Parking At Université Laval:

Underground or outside parking ($19/day) is available at the venue, Pavillion Alphonse Desjardins, for those travelling by car. Weekly passes ($44-$65) are available from the parking and security office at the university.


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