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    07:30 - 08:25 EDT

    Breakfast and Check out (for those checking out today)

    For those checking out of residence, you should drop off your key and access card in the drop off box near the front door of your residence. You may bring suitcases to room VND 1813, if checking out today. We can store them until 4 pm. Breakfast Location: VDN 1550



    08:25 - 08:30 EDT

    Welcome & Learning Outcome for the Day - Location VND 2289A

    Lead: Dr. Steve Lacroix



    08:30 - 09:45 EDT

    Session 3: Myeloid cells

    Evaluation link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/June22Session3 Moderator: Dr. Steve Lacroix 8:30 Macrophages and neutrophils: A brief introduction of these cells - Dr. Marc Pouliot (15 min)Introduction to neutrophils and macrophages: origins and functions 8:45 Introduction to Microglia - Dr. David Gosselin (30 min)As resident macrophages of the central nervous system (CNS), microglia are critical immune effectors of inflammatory lesions and associated neural dysfunctions. In multiple sclerosis (MS) and its animal models, chronic microglial inflammatory activity damages myelin and disrupts axonal and synaptic activity. In contrast to these detrimental effects, the potent phagocytic and tissue-remodeling capabilities of microglia support critical endogenous repair mechanisms. Although these opposing capabilities have long been appreciated, a precise understanding of the underlying molecular effectors is only beginning to emerge. As part of my talk, we will review recent advances in our understanding of the roles of microglia in animal models of MS and demyelinating lesions and the mechanisms that underlie their damaging or repairing activities. 9:15 Treatment to block myeloid cells, microglia and cytokines - Dr. Steve Lacroix (30 min)The presentation will cover the recent literature on transgenic mouse models enabling us to specifically identify microglia from MDMs and follow their individual fate, as well as discuss studies that led to discovering active compounds to deplete these cells or block some of their functions.



    09:45 - 10:15 EDT

    Q/A Roundtable



    10:15 - 10:45 EDT

    Break - Location: VDN 1550



    10:45 - 12:00 EDT

    Lived Experience

    Location: VND 2289AEvaluation link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2023_LivedExperience Moderator: Dr. Manu RangachariIntroduction (5 min)Presentation and theme addressed (15 min each) and Q/A (10 min) Yannick Drouin, Nicolas Belzile, Véronique Dallaire and Billy Slaght In this session, you will engage with members of our local community who live with MS. You will learn about how MS has impacted their lives; the challenges they face and how they overcome them; and learn a little about what they see as important priorities in MS research. Themes addressed will be : sharing your personal experience on diet, therapies and lifestyle, challenges faced in securing employment for people with MS, disability benefits and how to navigate the system, exacerbation of symptoms in the premenstrual period.



    12:00 - 13:00 EDT

    Lunch - Location VND 1550



    13:00 - 14:00 EDT

    Session 4: Mood and Behavior

    Location: VND 2289A Evaluation link for afternoon sessions: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/June22_PM Moderator: Dr. Jessica Deslauriers Mental Health and MS: comorbidities, diagnostic disclosure, and current treatments - Dr. Meghan Beier (Johns Hopkins) (30 min) Description: This presentation aims to educate healthcare providers on the prevalence of comorbid mental health conditions among MS patients and the current diagnostic and treatment options available. It will explore the ways in which these conditions can impact treatment outcomes, importance of early screening, and challenges for disclosing symptoms. Healthcare providers will be given strategies for screening, and an overview of current non-pharmacologic behavioral interventions treatment options will be presented. The overall objective is to increase awareness and understanding amongst healthcare providers and highlight the importance of a multi-disciplinary team in providing holistic care for MS patients with comorbid mental health conditions. Considerations for mental health in preclinical and clinical work: a translational overview - Dr. Jessica Deslauriers (30 min) The talk will cover approaches to evaluate mental health in patients with MS, as well as preclinical approaches to determine stress and psychological effects of MS. After the talk, the audience will have an overview on how to consider psychiatric comorbidities in a context of MS in both humans and rodents.



    14:00 - 14:30 EDT

    Q/A Roundtable



    14:30 - 15:15 EDT

    Career Development Session

    Stress and well-being Dr. Jessica Deslauriers



    15:15 - 15:30 EDT

    Summer School Wrap-Up

    A few words from Dr. Manu Rangachari, Dr. Luc Vallières, Dr. Christina Wolfson and next year's Summer School Hosts! Summer School evaluation - overall impressions. Trainees, please complete all the session and workshop evaluations (links found throughout the agenda) and this final evaluation of your overall impressions: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2023PostFeedback Presenters, mentors and guests please provide your overall feedback, your impressions and experience: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PresenterMentor

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